Sinai 2018 wrap up: 67 terrorists killed, hundreds arrested



Mon, 19 Feb 2018 - 05:42 GMT


Mon, 19 Feb 2018 - 05:42 GMT

Comprehensive operation Sinai 2018 – Press photo

Comprehensive operation Sinai 2018 – Press photo

CAIRO – 19 February 2018: About 67 terrorists have been killed and hundreds have been arrested since the beginning of the Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018, according to army spokesperson Tamer al-Refai on February 9.

The operation has been considered by experts and parliamentarians as a strong and firm message to the world that Egypt is facing a fierce war against terrorism and is capable on its own.

After the seventh statement about the operation from the army on Tuesday, February 15, army spokesperson Tamer al-Refai held a conference to reveal the latest developments of the operation.

He announced that 53 takfiri elements were killed and four others were detained, while 675 additional escaped and suspected criminals were detained.

Refai also said that 57 four-wheel vehicles and 88 motorcycles used by terrorists were destroyed. Moreover, security forces destroyed 378 terrorist hotbeds, weapons and ammunition stores in Sinai. Amongst these hotbeds was a media center used by takfiri elements.

Refai announced the discovery and destruction of 177 explosive devices and up to 1,500 kilograms of TNT explosives, including C4.

At last, he stated that the military forces managed to discover and destroy three holes on the border strip of Sinai. In addition, they succeeded in the destruction of 35 farms of “bango” (marijuana) plants and seized 8.3 tons of narcotic substances.

The army's spokesperson answered the reporters’ questions regarding the results of the operation and whether the army achieved its goals.

When asked about securing the economic objectives of the Mediterranean Sea, Refai stated that the navy forces secure and protect the Egyptian territorial and economic waters in the Red and Mediterranean seas.

Tenth Statement:

- Egyptian military jets have destroyed five targets of terrorists in Sinai.

- 166 targets have been shelled in North and Central Sinai.

- Four armed takfiris were killed in a shootout with troops.

- Military engineers also destroyed 101 explosive charges that had been planted in areas of the operation.

- Four caves and hideouts were destroyed.

- A media center of terrorists has also been detected containing computers, weapons and wireless communication devices.

- The troops destroyed 244 hideouts and caches that contained machine guns, ammunition and wireless communication devices.

- More than 11 tons of drugs have been seized.

- Twenty-seven vehicles and 100 unlicensed motorcycles used by terrorists were destroyed.

- 417 criminals, wanted elements and suspects were arrested.

- one officer and two conscripts were killed, and two other officers were injured during the face-off with terrorists.

Ninth Statement:

- Eight targets of terrorists were destroyed.

- Three takfiri elements were killed and a 4x4 vehicle was destroyed in Central Sinai.

-A terrorism hotspot in North Sinai was targeted and four armed takfiri elements were killed in a shootout.

- Military engineers destroyed 45 explosive charges that had been planted in areas of the operation.

- 158 hideouts and caches were destroyed during combing operations, as well as seven vehicles and 32 motorcycles.

- 408 criminals, wanted elements and suspects were arrested.

Eighth Statement:

-Up to 68 targets, including terrorist hideouts, weapons and ammunition depots, were destroyed by artillery shelling.

-Security forces managed to seize a dangerous terrorist hotbed in Central Sinai and kill three wanted terrorists involved in attacks against the armed forces.

- 224 criminals and suspects were arrested, possessing weapons and bullets.

-Ten 4×4 vehicles were seized and 22 unlicensed motorcycles destroyed.

-Security forces destroyed 150 warehouses, in which a large quantity of narcotic substances and communication devices used by terrorists were found.

-Military engineering units also destroyed 28 explosive devices.

-Five hashish farms were discovered and destroyed, and 2.5 tons of narcotic substances were seized.

Seventh Statement:

- The air force destroyed 11 targets used by terrorists.

- Fifteen takfiris were killed during a shoot-out with anti-terror forces.

- Two underground warehouses, containing more than 1,500 kilograms of explosive materials, including C4 and TNT and used in manufacturing explosives, 56 detonators and 13 circuits used to detonate IEDs, were destroyed.

- A tunnel and 38 trenches were destroyed on the northern border of North Sinai.

- Some 153 criminal elements and wanted criminals were arrested.

- As many as 181 huts, hideouts and warehouses containing explosives and chemical materials and large quantities of auto spare parts and fuel used by terrorists were destroyed.

- Six vehicles and 17 unlicensed motorbikes were seized and destroyed.

- Sixty-three explosive devices were dismantled.

- Thirteen bango and hashish farms were destroyed, and more than 800 kilograms of narcotics were seized.

Sixth statement:

- The air forces impounded seven vehicles used by terrorists.

- Ten takfiris were killed during a shoot-out with anti-terror forces.

- Large amounts of arms and ammunition were seized.

- Four hundred criminal elements and wanted criminals were held.

- Six vehicles and 13 unlicensed motorbikes were impounded and destroyed.

- As many as 143 huts, hideouts and warehouses, containing explosive charges and large quantities of auto spare parts and drugs, were destroyed.

- Seventy-nine explosive devices were dismantled and an underground warehouse, containing 10 anti-tank mines, was destroyed.

- An underground tunnel, with a width of 1.5 meters and a depth of 25 meters, was destroyed in the northern border of North Sinai.

- Nine bango and hashish farms were destroyed, and more than seven tons of narcotics and a truck loaded with more than 1.2 million tramadol pills were seized.

- The naval forces launched four ground-to-sea and surface-to-sea rockets.

- Around 479 security patrols checkpoints were already set up across the country.

Fifth Statement:

- Twenty-three explosive devices were discovered and defused.

- Seven farms of marijuana were discovered and burned.

- Half a ton of cocaine and other smuggled drugs was impounded.

- Four vehicles carrying ammunition and arms, as well as 27 motorbikes, were targeted by the air forces.

- Several air strikes were launched, targeting 30 hideouts for terrorists.

Fourth Statement:

-Sixteen militants were killed and four others were arrested.

-Thirty suspected militants were also arrested.

- The air forces destroyed a total of 66 hideouts.

- Four ammunition stores were also destroyed.

- Thirteen four-wheel drive vehicles and 31 motorbikes were targeted.

- Twelve roadside bombs were discovered by security officers and defused.

- A militant-operated chemical laboratory was raided by the air forces in Sinai.

- Twenty feddans (approx. 20 acres) of marijuana were burned.

Third statement

- Several airstrikes targeted terrorist concentrations and strongholds throughout the night and during the wee hours of Saturday morning.

- Military jets hit storehouses of weapons, ammunition, explosive materials and logistic areas of terrorists.

Second Statement:

- Several pits, hideouts, and ammunition and weapons' warehouses were targeted by the air forces.

- Units from the naval forces enhanced maritime security operations at vital seaports.

- The Border Guard Forces and Civilian Police also tightened security procedures at land borders and navigational courses.

First Statement:

- The comprehensive counter-terrorism military operation “Sinai 2018” was officially announced by armed forces spokesman Tamer al-Refae.

- The statement highlighted that "Sinai 2018" came within the framework of the mandate, given by Egypt's Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to the General Command of the Armed Forces and Ministry of Interior, to coordinate with all the country’s institutions to confront terrorism and all other related operations by extremists.

The Egyptian armed forces announced the new major military operation dubbed "Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018" to purge the country from terrorism on the morning of Friday, February 9.

Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018 comes within the armed forces’ ongoing counterterrorism operations in Sinai that are aimed at eliminating terrorists and takfiri elements, and eradicating their breeding grounds and hotbeds.

Since the ousting of ex-Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt has seen growing waves of extremism washing over the society and spawning numerous deadly attacks. Among these attacks was the terrorist attack that hit Al-Rawdah Mosque and left more than 302 Friday prayer congregants dead in late November.



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