LIVE UPDATE: Second day of the National Youth Conference in Ismailia



Wed, 26 Apr 2017 - 10:30 GMT


Wed, 26 Apr 2017 - 10:30 GMT

National Youth Conference - Press Photo

National Youth Conference - Press Photo

CAIRO – 26 April 2017: Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi inaugurated the third round of the National Youth Conference (NYC) on Tuesday in Ismailia governorate, on the Mediterranean Sea. The conference gathers over a thousand youth as well as a number of ministers, parliamentarians and state officials. Today, is the second day of the conference.

Screen shot of the conference's video
Screen shot of the conference's video.

Here is a live update compiled by Egypt Today:

10:00 : The Second day of the third round of the the National Youth Conference kicks off

11:33: Prime Minister says that Egypt's foreign exchange reserves reached $28.5bn

11: 44 Prime Minister says that the investment law is expected to pass from the parliament on May

12:00 President Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi arrived to the conference after visiting the new development of the Suez tunnels projects in Ismailia

Minister of Housing Mostafa Madbouli

12:07 the state is working on New Alamain City to be completed within 2 years, with open beaches.

12:11 25416 housing units will be available in New Administrative City.

12:14 East Portsaid City will serve the harbor of Port Said and several areas in Sinai, and it will include housing units.

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi talking during the second day of NYC_Screen shot of the conference's video
Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi talking during the second day of NYC_Screen shot of the conference's video.

12: 15: Al-Sisi: Alexandria will be developed; 50 million meters will be built around the city’s airport in order to overcome the problem of slums.

12:20 Al-Sisi: Our target is not only building new cities and housing projects, but to create job opportunities for youth, there will be approximately 2 million persons to get sustainable jobs from those projects, some projects are being revealed and others are still under negotiations, and they will be completed in June 30, 2018.

Chairman of Suez Canal Authority Mohab Mamish

12:21 Suez Canal is a symbol of Egyptian strong will.

12:22 Suez Canal is the backbone of Egyptian economy.

12:23 The area includes 6 harbors which need to be developed to serve crossing ships.

12:25 it provides youth- who represent 60% of population- with large sum of job opportunities, especially Sinai youth who deserve the right of proper life.

12:26 Suez Canal should benefit from industrial countries such as China and Singapore, and our duty is to facilitate the shipping services to encourage such countries to use the canal.

12:28 Suez canal will include manufacturing industries like ships, car assembly, textile manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing.

12:30 Mamish urges president al-Sisi to issue new legislation that attract investors.

12:33 infrastructure is the base of any project's success

12:34 Government should show more flexibility when it comes to investment opportunities, to attract investors into Egypt.

12:35 technical training to manpower is the key of attracting investors.

12:38 Armed forces are working on developing Arish harbor, in order to provide Sinai residents with jobs.

12:40 East Port Said harbor facilitated the traffic of Suez Canal, and reduce the time the ships take to reach Port Said city.

Youth of Presidential Leadership Program

12:48 We have a vision to develop Suez Canal Axis and Sinai area, which includes building naval arsenal to maintain ships.

12:50 mining is a part of our plan to develop Sinai and Suez Canal.

12: 51 Tourism will be highly regarded in Sinai’s development process.

12:53 A network will be established to enable investors to follow their projects from abroad.

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

12:57 We have completed turning Meliz Military Airport into a civil aviation airport to serve Sinai area.

13:06 Al-Sisi We seek more efforts to complete building the infrastructure of industrial area in Sinai, we are already behind schedule.

Prime Minister Sherif Ismail

14:10 Prices hike is related to liberating exchange rate, but it positively affected exporting amount.

14:13 The government seeks to secure food products in large amounts to face prices hike.

14:4 adjusting prices and markets is our priority currently.

Minister of Planning Halaa al-Sa’ed

14:18 Most countries undergo economic reforms suffer from inflation and prices hike like Poland

The average spending of the Egyptian families on food products is 34%, the percent increases in the country sides and rural areas

20% of our imports are food products.

Our agriculture capacity is less than our food consumption.

14:25 Consumer Protection Agency is making an effort to monitor prices and markets, in the framework of legislation network.

Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Wali

14:27 social pension reached 6 million citizens, 12 thousand researchers are working on sorting people who deserve social welfare and subsidies.

14:29 Most of subsidies went to poor families in Upper Egypt.

14:30 The state pumps EGP15 billion in cash for poor families.

14:32 Civil community plays a key role in supporting the government to boost the prosperity of citizens.

Minister of Supply and Internal Trading Ali Ali Moselhi

14:35 we import 55 percent of our needs of wheat, which negatively affected the price of bread, especially after liberating exchange rate.

14:36 Armed forces established 570 mobile outlets to distribute subsidized goods.

14:40 We are working on increasing national production to control prices and decrease exporting amount.

Minister of Agriculture Abdel-Moneim Al-Banna

14:48 within 2 years wheat production will witness an increase of 25 percent.

14: 52 we produce 90 percent of our needs of poultry and import 10 percent.

14:53 climate change negatively affected agriculture.

14:54 our imports of tomato seeds reached $150 million.

14:55 we work on downsizing our exports of livestock.

Deputy Minister of Finance Mohamed Moa’et

14:57 liberating exchange rate affected inflation

15:00 Exports and low production ratios are reasons of inflation

15:10 Presidential Leadership Program proposes solutions to control prices hike.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

15:42 Egypt’s problems in the past 30 years are larger than you can imagine.

15:44 We are a poor state with rare sources, so that we need longer time to rise up.

15:50 our only strategic target is to restore the stability and entity of the state.

15:55 Army serves the citizen besides countering terrorism.

15:56 I meet you every month to deliver transparent message to the people.

15:57 The defect is in all the state’s institutions.

15:55 I appreciate the patience of Egyptians in such critical conditions.

15:57 I am telling the truth because I want people to be patient and know what sort of a challenge we face.

16:00 I do not clash with states institutions because I'm seeking the stability of this country.

16:10 The strategic defect in the region enforced us to elevate the capacity of the army.

The third session of the National Youth Conference starts

19:56 - "Ask The President" session begins, where President Sisi responds to questions sent through "

Ask the President

" application. The application has been launched on the conference's website.

20:02 – Session moderator reads statistics on the application participants: since it was launched on April 22, the total number of questions reached 172,000 questions, mostly from youth in Cairo, Alex, Upper Egypt and Canal cities. Most participants aged 18-30, and questions mostly focused on social level and economic situation.

20:06 – Mohamed Magdy from Dakahlia governorate asks President: “When will the prices go down and will there be supervision on traders? Sisi addressing the Egyptian people, "I appreciate that you handled the economic situation and the price hikes, and I had gambled on this."

20:11 - Sisi: "Our resources do not balance with our expenditure ... We have to borrow and when you borrow, you carry a big financial burden…the general debt has jumped to more than EGP3.4 trillion, four times what it was in 2011."

20:14 - Sisi continues explaining reasons behind prices hike, citing the increase in salaries, which “went from EGP80 billion in 2011 to EGP230 billion in 2017…subsidies make about EGP350 billion.”

He adds: "We are trying to stop the negative economic development ... Our enemies do not want us to move forward."

20:16 - Sisi says that Egypt was headed to destruction in 2013 through “civil war,” adding that Egyptians managed to fail all plans.

20:23 - Sisi affirms there is real hope to get out of the tough situation Egypt is currently going through, referring to “people’s awareness that has improved over the past 6 years.”

20:30 - Sisi talks about opportunities to boost dire economic situation, saying the government managed to increase exports and decrease imports, which will be highly reflecting in the economy. He adds: “Supervision over the prices is a shared responsibility between the state and the society.”

20:36 - Another question asks: why not adopt an initiative to develop all neighborhoods, through youth projects, citing a recent security confiscation of an unlicensed food cart belongs to two ladies?

Sisi says he respects the law, but the way security forces dealt in this incidence was not proper, addressing Ministry of Interior Magdy Abdel Ghaffar. Sisi also cites footage circulated on the moment the cart was taken away by authorities.

20:40 - Regarding problems youth facing to issue licenses to their initiatives, Sisi said he told the government to provide them with temporary licenses to legitimize their projects.

He also directs to appoint a number of youth representatives at the presidency to monitor representatives and officials, and report to the presidency.

20:55 - Question: Why didn’t u take some measures like Turkish President Erdogan to exclude all of your opponents?

Sisi says that he respects "patriotic" opposition in Egypt, and it is deemed important to the country's development and progress. He assures his support to all political parties and powers.

21:02 - Question: What if the Constitutional Court rules that Tiran and Sanafir are Egyptian?

Sisi states that the executive branch only dealt with the technical part of the agreement, such as the early studies and researches. He affirms that Saudi Arabia was informed that the legal and constitutional measures would follow their normal path afterwards. “I did my part and I will not intervene in the role of the parliament or the judiciary,” he says.

21:09 - The Q & A session ends.



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