LIVE UPDATE: 3rd round of National Youth Conference kicks off in Ismailia



Tue, 25 Apr 2017 - 02:28 GMT


Tue, 25 Apr 2017 - 02:28 GMT

National Youth Conference - Press photo

National Youth Conference - Press photo

CAIRO – 25 April 2017: Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi inaugurated the third round of the National Youth Conference (NYC) on Tuesday in Ismailia governorate, on the Mediterranean Sea. The conference gathers over a thousand youth as well as a number of ministers, parliamentarians and state officials.

The round kicks off on the occasion of Sinai Liberation Day, held each year on April 25.

Here is a live update compiled by Egypt Today:

15:50 - President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi arrived in Ismailia to attend the third round of the National Youth Conference.

sisi watches
President Sisi and government officials attending 3rd round of NYC

16:15 - The third round of the NYC starts with verses from the Quran, in the presence of President Sisi.

16:20 - National Youth Conference opening session starts with a documentary, in commemoration of Sinai National Liberation Day.

16:40 - President Sisi shakes hands with the greeting heroes of the War of Attrition.

16:53 – Attendees of the conference listen to patriotic songs.

17:12 - President Sisi on Twitter: "I send my greetings to the heroes of the Canal cities in gratitude for their roles in defending their home."

17:12 - Presenters of the conference greet the attendees, and follow-up on recommendations proposed during the past two conferences.

17:25 – A documentary film titled "Innovate, Advance" screened about the first two rounds of the National Youth Conference.

17:31 – Public figures, actors appear on documentary film sending messages to youth, key driver for Egypt’s development.

Attendees watching a documentary film during the opening session of the National Youth Conference

17:39 - Sisi asks attendees to stand a moment of silence for the victims of terrorism.

17:40 - Sisi announces the opening of the National Youth Conference in Ismailia, and ends his speech saying: "Long Live Egypt."

17:42 - The opening session of the National Youth Conference ends.

20:05 - Second part of the National Youth Conference starts. Sisi gives speech ahead of receiving questions by the youth.

20: 09 - Q and A session begins; around 150 youth attending.

20:14 - A woman from North Sinai expresses her anger over linking North Sinai to terrorism in the documentary film screened during the first part of the conference.

She also talked about the difficulties facing residents of North Sinai in their daily lives, calling for correcting the portrayal of Sinai residents in the Egyptian media.

20:24 - Sisi calms down crying woman "Shaimaa" from North Sinai as she criticizes media rhetoric calling for the evacuation of North Sinai residents to fight terrorism.

20:30 - Sisi says EGP10 million were offered to build villages in Sinai, and projects are undergoing.

20:34 - Sisi invites the Housing Minister Mostafa Madbouly to talk about construction projects in Sinai.

20:40 - Responding to a question on The National Company for Sinai Investments’ initial public offering (IPO) which has been announced last year, Sisi said that three years ago, people of Sinai pledged to invest EGP 2 billion in the IPO, but only EGP 2 million has been so far garnered.

20:45 - Sisi says the state does not publicly announce the new projects planned in Sinai to protect them from being targeted by terrorists; however, he revealed a project to build a new coastal city in Port Said.

20:52- Sisi: we have a comprehensive plan to develop Egypt’s airports and maritime ports.

20:56 - Sisi said that the state chose to take “real reform steps,” although difficult, to address the dire economic situation.

21:00 – Sisi says plans are underway to develop road networks, adding that the Ain Sokhna Coastal Road will be inaugurated soon.

21:20 - Minister of Trade and Industry Tareq Qabil takes the floor, says Egypt’s exports of phosphate is low compared to other countries due to the absence of a dedicated body to market the mineral. Qabil added that a marketing company will be established for this purpose.

21:22- Sisi says that projects that aim at utilizing the mineral resources, including the biggest factory for phosphate production, will be completed by 30 June, 2018.

21:30 - Sisi says that a bridge will be built within five months to facilitate traffic in Sinai.

21:55 – Sisi says he does not have the mentality of “either it is me or I will ruin the country,” referring to the next presidential elections in Egypt.

21:57: Sisi: "I will not fake elections to continue as a president and there is a higher election committee that will manage the process in transparent manner," referring to the next presidential elections in Egypt.

22:00 – Sisi says women and girls are not treated properly in Egypt. He cites Islam as a religion that calls for “gentleness” towards women, and calls on Egyptians to assess their commitment to the rule.

22:01: A woman from North Sinai complains about rolling power outage in Sheikh Zuwayed, and Sisi promises to fix it.

22:05: Sisi says that the government deals with hike of the prices according to the free market mechanism

20:15: Sisi says that 2018 should be the year of the handicaps



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