Experts: Sinai 2018 operation is strong message to world


Fri, 09 Feb 2018 - 05:21 GMT

Security services have been intensified and a larger number of security forces have been deployed at fixed checkpoints, February 9, 2018 - Press Photo

Security services have been intensified and a larger number of security forces have been deployed at fixed checkpoints, February 9, 2018 - Press Photo

CAIRO – 9 January 2018: In a rigorous message that affirms Egypt's serious intentions to eliminate terrorism in all its forms, the Egyptian Armed Forces announced on Friday morning a new major military operation dubbed "Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018" to purge the country and preserve its security and stability.

“This operation has very strict and clear meanings and messages need to be delivered to the whole world; it says that the army is completely capable of protecting our homeland and determined to uproot terrorism from the whole state and especially Sinai,” Staff officer Mohamed al-Shahawy Told Egypt Today on Friday.

He added that this operation will raise the morale of the armed forces members and increase their combat efficiency. “This operation will not just end in one day, I believe it will take time and effort, not because of the militia response, but I believe that the army will not end the operation until completing all its goals.”

Egypt's Air forces launched a full-scale offensive against militants in North and Central Sinai on Friday, February 9,2018- Phoro courtesy of the Armed Forces Spokesperson's Facebook page

Shahawy said that the army have developed a plan in which all the sources of support to terrorist groups will be closed. According to him the army’s operation is “very well planned.”

The participation of Egyptian Navy forces in the operation is one of the main reasons for its success. “Their presence stopped the militia from receiving any logistic support to help them in the battle,” Shahawy affirmed.

Major General Nabiel Fuad Told Egypt Today that ‘Sinai 2018’ is a comprehensive operation which aims to eliminate all presence of terrorists groups and militia in Sinai and prevent them from escaping to another governorates or areas of the country.

“This operation doesn’t just depend on arms or forces but on the information as well,” Fuad said. Military expert Taha al-Sayed also commented on the operation saying that it should be considered as a “reassuring message” from the Armed Forces to all Egyptians that they will protect them and the country’s security.

The army released two-video statement to announce the launching of the operation.

Army spokesperson Tamer el-Refai released the army statement "Communique 1 from the General Command of the Armed Forces" on state TV. It details the launch of the operation and the state of high alert rose across different governorates.

FILE - Military spokes person colonel Tamer Al Refaai

Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior said that the ministry is raising the state of alert and security preparedness to the maximum level nationwide, taking all precautionary measures to maintain security throughout the country, especially in light of the fierce operations conducted by police forces in coordination with the armed forces, to root out terrorism.

The security measures have been stepped up in the vicinities of national and investment projects, vital state facilities, electricity and water stations, places of worship, and tourist sites, according to the Middle East News Agency (MENA).

Security services have been intensified and a larger number of security forces have been deployed at fixed checkpoints, patrolling governorates and on internal borders.

State television then broadcasted live footage of the operation to combat terrorism from the Sinai Peninsula. The footage showed air attacks on terrorist hideouts as well as maritime and border work being carried out to cut supplies to the terrorist elements.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi tweeted saying he is proud to following up on the military operations that were announced by the army and the police on Friday, which aim at uprooting terrorism across the country.

“I proudly follow up the heroic acts of my sons in the armed forces and the police to purge the land of precious Egypt from terrorist elements who are enemies of life ... And always #LongLiveEgypt,” Sisi stated on his official Twitter account on Friday.



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