Egypt's regulations on belly dancing attire


Wed, 07 Feb 2018 - 10:54 GMT

Russian belly dancer Eicatrina Andreeva - Photo via Facebook

Russian belly dancer Eicatrina Andreeva - Photo via Facebook

CAIRO – 9 February 2018: Following a decision made on Tuesday by the Tourism and Antiquities Police to refer Russian belly dancer Eicatrina Andreeva, who goes by the name Gawhara, to investigations for wearing a non-standard dancing suit, controversy arose over how the ideal dancing suit should look.

According to Act No. 430 of the law on the censorship of literary works, the dancing suit should cover the lower body, with no side slits, and should cover the breast and stomach area.

The 31-year-old Russian was arrested over inciting debauchery and arousing young people’s sexual instincts, as she appeared “semi-naked” in a provocative dancing video that has gone viral.

Accompanied by a translator during her investigations, Gawhara added that she was wearing a dancing suit no different than those donned by many belly dancers in Egypt.

According to the Giza prosecution’s preliminary reports, Gawhara was also arrested over not having a work permit, to which she responded that she is employed at a nightclub in Giza.

The Tourism and Antiquities Police stated that Gawhara was wearing a non-standard dancing outfit and was featured in a viral video flaunting her body and pointing to private parts of her body in a racy manner, according to the findings of preliminary investigation previously announced by the prosecution.



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