UPDATE 3: Egypt's military arrests Anan over 'forgery'



Tue, 23 Jan 2018 - 11:20 GMT


Tue, 23 Jan 2018 - 11:20 GMT

Former Chief of the military staff Sami Anan during the funeral of his sister-in-law on 19 June 2014- Egypt Today/Hussein Tallal

Former Chief of the military staff Sami Anan during the funeral of his sister-in-law on 19 June 2014- Egypt Today/Hussein Tallal

CAIRO - 23 January 2018: Egyptian authorities have arrested former army chief of staff on Tuesday over charges of “forgery” as he “illegally” announced his intention to run for 2018 presidential election, news outlets reported.

Anan's campaign spokesman Mahmoud Refaat said on Twitter that the former military chief has been arrested as his son told Egypt Today in an interview that Anan has been detained for questioning by military prosecutors.

Anan does not have a military permission terminating his service at the Armed Forces, according to a SCAF statement. Anan's son, Samir, told Egypt Today on Tuesday that his father is under arrest at the military prosecution headquarters.

For its part, the National Election Authority has excluded Anan's name from the presidential race, having ran illegally for the position.

Anan has “unprecedentedly” violated the rules of the Armed Forces the statement added, saying that “In the light of the announcement given by Major General Sami Anan, who is still under the call-up service, over his candidacy for the post of the state president, the Armed Forces can never condone blatant legal violations committed by the abovementioned general against the rules and regulations of the military services.”

The army’s statement came as follows:
In the Arab, African and Islamic world, and in the face of the unprecedented challenges posed by external forces and internal armed groups, the Egyptian Armed Forces have always been at the forefront, fighting to maintain the integrity of the Egyptian state and its institutions, according to a set of necessary and strict legal frameworks.

In light of the announcement of candidacy issued by the former major -general Sami Hafez Annan, the former chief of staff of the armed forces, the Armed forces could not turn a blind eye to the blatant violations of the armed forces laws and regulations, that were committed by Anan, and that are set forth as follows:

First, he declared his candidacy for the presidential elections without obtaining the approval of the armed forces, or taking the necessary measures to legally validate his candidacy process.

Secondly, the statement in which he announced his candidacy included explicit incitement against the Armed Forces, aiming to cause a discord between the Armed Forces and the Egyptian people.

Thirdly, Anan has committed the crime of forging official documents, showing that he is out of the military service, in order to be unlawfully included in the voters' database. Based on the above-mentioned and in adherence to the principle of the rule of law, all necessary and legal measures must be taken in this regard.

On Jan. 23, The military prosecution has imposed a gag order on the case of former Chief of Staff and presidential hopeful Sami Anan after he was summoned Tuesday over forgery charges.

Anan released a video early Saturday announcing his presidential bid, only hours after President Abedl Fatah al-Sisi declared he is running for a second term.

However, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces issued a strongly-worded statement Tuesday, accusing Anan of procedural violations and, notably, of driving a wedge between the army and the Egyptian people.

Anan’s announcement of his candidacy included clear incitement against the Armed Forces to drive a wedge between the military and Egyptian people, the statement continued.

Anan announced on Saturday his intention to run in the 2018 presidential election, scheduled for March 26 and 28 Egypt, in a video posted on Anan's official Facebook page.

“I made my decision to present my nomination papers to the National Electoral Commission as a presidential candidate, in accordance to the announced rules and dates by the commission,” Anan said.

Anan served as Egypt’s army chief of staff and the second man in the Supreme Council of Armed Forces from 2005 until 2012, when he was forced to retire from his post by former president Mohamed Morsi.

A pro-Anan campaign, formed by Masr Al-Orouba Al-Democraty Party (Egypt Arabism Democratic Party), has announced the suspension of its activities until further notice.



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