Qatar supports Al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya: Libyan official


Wed, 27 Dec 2017 - 09:18 GMT

Libyan Military spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmary

Libyan Military spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmary

CAIRO – 27 December 2017: Libyan military spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmary said in a press conference held in Benghazi, Libya that his country has records of conversations between Doha and members of Al-Qaeda in Libya.

Mesmary added that Qatar is funding terrorists in Libya who targeted an oil pipeline in the western area of the country. He clarified that such a terrorist act aims at creating economic chaos in order to complicate the Libyan crisis.

Meanwhile, he said these terrorist acts harm Libyan citizens.

In July, a press conference was held in Cairo on the Qatari interference in Libya, where Mesmary provided evidence to show that Doha funds and trains terrorists in an attempt to divide and destabilize the North African state.

He also accused the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group and Qatar of supporting terrorism in the “troubled” Libyan state, asserting Doha’s role in deepening the “chaotic” state in Libya.

“We are not blaming the people of any country, but we are blaming their leaders; it is not reasonable that Qatar wants to destroy a large-sized country like Libya,” Mesmary said during the press conference.

He expressed his gratitude for the Egyptian government’s efforts to restore stability in Libya.



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