EXCLUSIVE: Egypt hands over document to UK prove Muslim Brotherhood terrorism links



Sun, 24 Dec 2017 - 03:33 GMT


Sun, 24 Dec 2017 - 03:33 GMT

Hasm movement logo - Official Twitter account

Hasm movement logo - Official Twitter account

CAIRO – 24 December 2017: Egypt has handed to the United Kingdom a new document that proves the Muslim Brotherhood’s implication in the terrorist attacks that took place in London.

Britain is anticipated to reach a firm decision in regards to designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group in the first half of 2018, a high-ranking source revealed exclusively to Egypt Today on Sunday.

The source stated that this document disclosed that the Muslim Brotherhood has exploited charitable organizations in London to send money to Egyptian groups in Syria and these groups came back from Syria to Sinai to purchase weapons and carry out terrorist operations against the Egyptian armed forces there.

The document included a new revelation that the Brotherhood had plans to launch attacks targeting foreign embassies in Egypt including the British Embassy.

According to the document, the Brotherhood has submitted a number of requests to establish charitable organizations in London but these requests were recently rejected after finding out that supporting terrorism is the Brotherhood’s true aim, and is why they demand to open charities and fundraising organizations. Further requests were then turned down until their real activities in Britain are examined.

The Brotherhood then transferred their activities to Turkey and other countries. It is stated that the Muslim Brotherhood is establishing charitable organizations in Turkey with the aim to support terrorist groups in Syria and Libya.

The document also disclosed that the Brotherhood supported terrorist groups in Egypt by transferring massive amounts of money for them to purchase weapons and explosives. The money is transferred to terrorists through intermediaries to implement suicide attacks.

The Brotherhood is currently in contact with Egyptians in Syria to facilitate entering Egypt, in particular Sinai, to carry out terrorist operations. The document also unveiled for the first time that the Brotherhood used fictitious accounts to transfer money outside Britain to support terrorists groups.

The document proved that the Brotherhood financially supported terrorist organizations in Egypt such as the Hasm movement, Liwaa el-Thawra group, and Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis in Sinai to carry out terrorist attacks in Egypt.

The source indicated for the first time that the Brotherhood has carried out money laundering operations in several countries including America, Turkey and Latin American countries. They bought real estate and money transfer companies in the United Kingdom as methods of money laundering to support terrorists. This money is exploited to support terrorists in many areas within Syrian territory, in addition to supporting terrorist camps in Libya.

The Brotherhood has collected donations from Egyptian expats in Europe under the pretext of supporting displaced Syrians but these funds were transferred to Libyan and Turkish banks to be withdrawn later to support terrorist camps in Libya, the document stated.

According to the document, the Brotherhood also had plans to assassinate Egyptian officials in order to spread chaos in Egypt. It further included recorded confessions of Brotherhood members who professed that they committed terror attacks with logistical support from their elements in Britain. They also confessed that they exploited donations to support the families of terrorist detainees in Cairo.

The source disclosed that Britain has inquired for further documents and reports to reach the decision of recognizing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group in the United Kingdom.

Britain has already deported many Brotherhood leaders in Britain to other countries after receiving information from Egyptian State Security that matched information systems in Britain proving that there are links between the Brotherhood and networks of smuggling weapons and money laundering, the source confirmed to Egypt Today.

On Britain’s expected intention to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, the prominent political strategist and member of the National Council for Combating Terrorism and Extremism (NCCTE), Abdel-Moneim Said, told Egypt Today that the Muslim Brotherhood will be designated in Britain as a terrorist organization very soon and that classifying Hasm movement and Liwaa el-Thawra as "terrorist" organizations came at the beginning.

Also, security expert and (NCCTE) member Khaled Okasha told Egypt Today that Britain’s anticipated move to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group is good but late. It is the beginning of the world's recognition of the danger of the Brotherhood.

Okasha pointed out that there are countries who will soon take decisions to include the Brotherhood on the lists of terrorism and seize their money. These countries will take this step to protect their internal security.



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