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Sat, 23 Dec 2017 - 02:50 GMT

FILE – Egypt's House of Representatives

FILE – Egypt's House of Representatives

CAIRO – 23 December 2017: Egyptian House of Representative is set to approve six main legislations and Law amendments by the beginning of the 2018 sessions.

Here are the notable legislations and laws expected to be approved in 2018:

1-Disable Law

Parliament approved the main principle of this draft law which aims to better recognize the rights of people with disabilities, integrate them into society, provide them with proper living conditions and eliminate disability-based discrimination. Some articles are restored to Social Solidarity Committee to reform them. It is scheduled to continue discussing the rest of articles during the upcoming period. It will be one of the top laws to pass in 2018.

The majority of the lawmakers have approved an article that stipulates that academic universities shall allocate 10 percent of their on-campus houses for the students with special needs.

As per the bill, people with disabilities will also be granted identification cards with many privileges such as shorter working hours for themselves or their carers in all governmental and non-governmental institutions.

The Disabled will also be provided with suitable housing and transportation services. Educational institutions shall give priority to the disabled, while governmental and financial institutions shall be better equipped to accommodate them and facilitate their access to services.

The state shall guarantee the health, economic, social, cultural, entertainment, sporting and education rights of dwarves and people with disabilities, as well as providing them job opportunities, according the draft bill.

2-Labor Bill

The Manpower Committee of the House of Representatives, chaired by the MP Gebaly el-Maraghi, approved the labor bill with its final draft on Sunday

This bill is important because it achieves a significant guarantee for nearly 26 million laborers working in the private sector as it provides security and preserves their rights. The bill guarantees resignation would not be accredited unless the Manpower Ministry approves and there would be no dismissal without a court verdict to avoid private employer arbitrariness.

Wahb-Allah declared that the committee would start discussing amendments of the bill of the social insurance submitted by the parliamentarians next week.

3-Prisons Organization Law

The cabinet approved a bill to amend some provisions of law No. 3396 of 1956 concerning the organization of prisons.

The parliament is set to continue the discussion of this law’s amendments with the aim of passing it as soon as possible.

4-Criminal Procedure Law

Egypt’s Criminal Procedure Law, which is known as the country’s second constitution, is scheduled to witness a full amendment after the government has forwarded a draft of 320 articles to the parliament for discussion, which will mark the first full amendment of the law since the 1950s.

Parliament has held three sessions to discuss bill drafted by the government for the law on August 2, 8 and 9, in attendance of Minister of Justice Mohamed Hossam Abdel-Rahim and General Prosecutor Nabil Sadek.

The three sessions were divided as follows. The first was held to discuss the views of the judicial authorities’ members. The second for discussing the views of law professors specialized in criminal law from different universities across the nation. The third was dedicated for lawyers’ views.

The amendment draft included revisions for articles related to reconciliation procedures with prisoners, pre-trial detention, travel ban, investigative process of criminal cases, as well as activating criminal appeals.

5-The Election of Representatives of the Board of Directors Law

Parliament is due to begin a draft law concerning the organization of the election of Representatives of the Board of Directors, which has been included in the schedule of previous meetings. The agenda of the council has not yet been discussed.

6-The Archaeologists Syndicate Law

The House of Representatives generally approved a draft law on the establishment of the Archaeological Union and is scheduled to continue the discussion of articles the coming period for final approval.



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