Rady launches a family planning campaign in Kafr El-Sheikh



Tue, 05 Dec 2017 - 02:06 GMT


Tue, 05 Dec 2017 - 02:06 GMT

 Minister of Health and Population, Ahmed Emad Eddin Rady – Egypt Today

Minister of Health and Population, Ahmed Emad Eddin Rady – Egypt Today

CAIRO – 5 December 2017: Minister of Health and Population, Ahmed Emad Eddin Rady, announced the launching of the free campaign for family planning and reproductive health services under the slogan "Egypt’s Development, two children only."
The campaign is taking place between December 3 and December 7, in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate.

This comes within the framework of achieving the objectives of the disciplined population strategic plan of 2030. Rady is keen to follow up and participate in all implementation steps that aim at improving population characteristics and achieving the comprehensive development of Egyptian citizens, especially women and young girls.

Souad Abdel Maguid, head of the ministry’s Population and Family Planning Sector, said that the campaign is being carried out in coordination with the National Population Council (NPC), the National Council for Women (NCW), the Endowments Directorate, the General Authority for Adult Education, along with ministries of Labor Forces, Local Development and Social Solidarity; in cooperation with NGOs, the Evangelical Commission and civil society organizations.

Abdel-Maguid pointed out that the campaign has been carried out in Kafr Al-Sheikh’s health sectors of Desouk, Sidi Salem, Qelin and Metoubas between December 3 and December 5; whereas it will be carried out in districts of Riyadh, Bella, Hamoul and Baltim between December 5 and December 6. The campaign will take place in Fowa and Sidi Ghazi districts on December 6 and 7.

Abdel-Maguid stressed on the availability of a number of mobile clinics in the aforementioned districts, allowing easier implementation of the campaign.

Abdel-Maguid explained that the campaign will carry out many activities, including presenting family planning services in the fixed and mobile clinics affiliated to the population and family planning sector. Female gynecologists will be assigned from hospitals to provide family planning and reproductive health services, along with a highly trained nursing team to provide family planning and counseling services, ensuring the proper use of family planning means.

"This campaign aims to provide health services to all areas, especially to the most needy slums and remote villages throughout the country," said Abdel-Maguid.

On his turn, Khaled Megahed, official spokesman of the Ministry of Health and Population, said that the ministry is keen to provide awareness services and free health services to Egyptian families. "At least 100 symposiums for raising awareness will take place in the presence of media outlets, family planning officials and Islamic and Christian religious men. Basic information regarding promotion of family planning services and its impact on maternal, child and community health will be addressed. This is in addition to explaining the negative impact of children’s leakage from education as well as the dangers of early marriage and its impact on both the individual and society," explained Megahed.

Megahed also pointed out that doctors working at the medical centers of Sidi Salem and Desouq will be provided with training courses on Wednesday, December 6, to better provide family planning services. Also, female rural leaders will be assigned to survey the residential areas in all districts to promote for the campaign.

Moreover, an exhibition of women's products will be held in Sidi Salem and Desouq to display their handicrafts and products, empowering women economically and increasing their participation in society. The Coptic Evangelical Association, which is considered a permanent partner in the population and family planning sector, will provide these areas with ophthalmological mobile clinics, providing its services to whoever is in need.

Megahed said, during the campaign, the General Authority for Adult Education will conduct immediate examinations for those who want to obtain the certificate of literacy and will hand in the certificate to those who successfully pass the test.

On its turn, the NCW will also participate in the issuance of ID cards for female residents, whereas Kafr El-Sheikh City Council will set up pavilions and equip them to receive the public. The city council will also present vehicles to transport the public to different places of service.



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