Egypt lays out plan for safely transporting nuclear isotopes Dabaa


Mon, 06 Mar 2017 - 05:30 GMT

Dabaa power plants - Youm7 (Archive)/ Hasan Mohamad

Dabaa power plants - Youm7 (Archive)/ Hasan Mohamad

CAIRO - 6 March 2017: The Egyptian government has started implementing a wide-scale plan to address emergencies with radioactive consequences associated with Dab’aa nuclear power plant, and to avoid the potential danger of transporting nuclear materials, Youm7 said Monday.

The plan aims at stepping up precautions to ensure rapid response to avoid major consequences from potential accidents linked to transporting radioactive waste, the report added. It includes measures and procedures to alleviate avoid nuclear accidents and reduce the amount of radioactive exposure, and assigns specially-trained teams to address the potential risk involved in transporting radioactive material.

Authorities will provide emergency rooms to ensure the effectiveness of the proposed measures, along with six hospitals to provide medical treatment, while ensuring that the quality of the management system aligns with international standards.

“On-site workers shall highly consider wind directions in order to avoid the possibility of inhalation of radioactive material suspended in the air, as well as the necessity of putting on protective clothing,” Youm7 added, citing the government plan.

Russia and Egypt signed an agreement in Nov. 2015 to build and finance Egypt’s first nuclear power plant, raising environmental concerns over possible accidents with radioactive materials.



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