Yemeni Amb: Stability in Yemen key for regional stability



Tue, 28 Nov 2017 - 06:27 GMT


Tue, 28 Nov 2017 - 06:27 GMT

File: Yemeni Ambassador to Cairo Mohammed Ali Maram

File: Yemeni Ambassador to Cairo Mohammed Ali Maram

CAIRO – 28 November 2017: ”Yemen witnesses blatant violation of state institutions and civil society organizations by Al-Houthi,” said Yemeni Ambassador to Cairo, Mohammed Ali Maram, to Egypt Today on Monday.

“Stability and unity of Yemen is the key to the stability of the whole region so we demand the Arab coalition and international communities to use their power to remove Al- Houthi’s influence inside Yemen,” said Maram.

“Saleh and Al-Houthi seized 85 per cent of Yemen as well as the resources of the state and use it for personal interests as well as funding from foreign bodies so they are refusing all the initiatives to meet on the Roundtable for Dialogue,” added Maram.

The Yemeni Ambassador emphasized that Egypt’s current foreign policy is putting the country back on the ‘positive’ development track, empowering it to restore its pioneer leading role in the region under the leadership of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.
“Terrorism cannot be found alone, it must have fund and support. Iran is the main funder of terrorism and extremism in Yemen. Iran provided Al-Houthi with weapons and money to cause chaos in the region,” stated Maram.

The Ambassador points out that the Arab league is in a historic position after supporting Yemen’s fight against terrorist groups and demanding the Arab coalition to assist Yemen’s effort to ostracize these terrorist groups.

The Yemeni Ambassador also referred to the violence and chaos in the Arab region and encourages Egypt to take charge in confronting these unprecedented challenges.

Meanwhile, Maram stressed the importance of the relationship between Egypt and Yemen, expressing his appreciation for Egypt’s stance with the Yemeni people. Maram called on Arab countries and the United Nations to take a stronger stance toward the Yemeni crisis.

He also appreciates that Egypt is hosting Yemeni refugees, who fled Yemen because of the ongoing conflict.

On November 4, the Saudi Defense Ministry said that its air defense units intercepted a ballistic missile northeast of Riyadh which was launched from Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition, fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen, closed the country's air, sea and land borders on Monday, and accused Iran of being responsible for the ballistic missile attack on Riyadh. Saudi Arabia managed to successfully to destroy the missile.

The Yemeni Civil War erupted in 2014 when the Iran-backed Houthi rebels ousted the country’s government. Saudi Arabia led a coalition in 2015 to reinstate the legitimate Yemeni government back to power.



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