43 states support Egypt against terrorism in Union of Mediterranean meeting



Tue, 28 Nov 2017 - 12:28 GMT


Tue, 28 Nov 2017 - 12:28 GMT

National Council for Women - NCW Facebook Official Page

National Council for Women - NCW Facebook Official Page

CAIRO – 28 November 2017: Maya Morsi, president of the National Council for Women, inaugurated the fourth ministerial meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) on "Enhancing the role of women in society" on Monday.
The meeting was organized by the Council in cooperation with the Union for the Mediterranean and the United Nations Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment.

Egypt is still moving forward with the establishment of national projects, and the country is now in the process of establishing national projects, as well as adopting an ambitious development strategy based on economic, social and developmental reforms.

Morsi pointed out that improving the status of women in society and their access to all their rights is one of the main factors that will create an informed society based on the principle of mutual respect for cultural and religious pluralism. A society that oppresses dark ideologies calling for extremist thought, violence, terrorism, hatred of others and other negative phenomena.

Last October, Egyptian woman celebrated World Peace Day to announce to the world that the "Egyptian woman is a peacemaker".
"Egyptian women support their country against terrorism with unswerving determination," she said. Women have declared their support for the efforts exerted by the country and its president to start a genuine revolution against extremism, renew religious discourse and establish peace and stability.

The launch of the Egyptian Women's Year came as a declaration of the Egyptian Women's Empowerment Strategy 2030, which was approved by the President for the coming years to activate the plans, programs and projects included in this strategy.

The strategy was to create a broad community dialogue involving 750 Egyptian elites, 710 civil society, and 152,000 general public. It also includes four areas of integrated action: political empowerment, promotion of women's leadership roles, economic empowerment, social empowerment and protection, as well as serious efforts to change the society's culture towards women and to promote their access to their legal rights.

In March 2017, the United Nations commended Egypt's strategy as the first national strategy for women's empowerment launched within the framework of sustainable development goals 2030.

Egypt has already launched three national strategies in 2015, the National Strategy to Combat Violence Against Women, the National Strategy to Combat Circumcision, and the National Strategy against Early Marriage

The Egyptian state also pays great attention to young people, especially girls. The World Youth Forum held recently in Sharm El-Sheikh conveyed a message to the world confirming the extent to which political leadership believes in the abilities and energies of young people from all over the world.

There is no doubt that such a forum pays particular attention to the Mediterranean region as one of the main pillars of Egypt's external priorities.

Morsi stressed that Egyptian women have made their way to the national and moral values and achieved results of success and achievements, which culminated in the effective support of their people's revolutions in January 2011 and June 2013 and the adoption of aspirations to build a bright future.

The new constitution included several articles, including articles 11 and 53, which provided for the equality of women and men in all rights and ensured their proper representation in parliaments and guaranteed their right to assume the functions of senior state administration, appointment to judicial bodies and the State's obligation to protect women from all forms violence and the elimination of all forms of discrimination.
Egyptian women have achieved many important achievements in terms of access to decision-making positions.

The number of women benefiting from microfinance in the first quarter of the year 2017 was 1.33 million women with funds amounting to LE 2.55 billion.
Morsi said that 43 countries representing UfM have announced their support to the Egyptian government in its war against terrorism.

In a press conference conducted on the sidelines of the fourth ministerial meeting of UfM, Morsi said that Egypt's message during the meeting affirmed that the government along with its institutions are going through a fierce war against terrorism on behalf of the whole world.

"Egyptians’ determination will not be defeated, and the wheel of development will not stop, and women will not be hindered by terrorism," said Morsi.

She added through this meeting that Egypt is sending a second message to the delegations of the 43 countries, stating that the Egyptian government has faith in women, and improving their position nationally, regionally and internationally is one of the basic factors for creating an informed society based on mutual respect away from violence, terrorism, hatred and any other negative phenomena.

"The Egyptian woman is a peacemaker who supports her country against terrorism with strong determination," confirmed Morsi.

Morsi stressed that the Egyptian speech reviewed the strategy of empowering women 2030, as well as presenting the program "Takaful and dignity" to promote the status of Egyptian women and support them, thus breaking the barrier and women's access to many leadership positions for the first time.

"We are fully prepared to work 24 hours to firmly fight extremism and terrorism. The security and safety of our country is a red line," she said.

Morsi, affirmed that Egypt is moving forward in establishing developmental projects in various fields, in addition to fighting terrorism; pointing out that women's access to their rights is a key factor in the pursuit of violence and extremism.

According to Morsi, Egypt's hosting of the fourth ministerial meeting is a coronation of Egypt's role in fight terrorism and in supporting women.

"It mirrors Egypt's stability. We will exert our utmost effort for the sake of our country 24 hours a day," stated Morsi.

During the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the Union for the Mediterranean, Morsi asked attendees to stand in silence for a minute for the sake of martyrs who were killed in the recent terrorist attack which took place in Al-Arish governorate as well as for the sake of martyrs of terrorist attacks all over the world.

Morsi stated during the conference and in the presence of many officials from various countries, that women are being empowered whether politically, economically or socially. She pointed out that the United Nations (UN) has praised the Egyptian Agreement for Women's Rights.

The Egyptian Constitution stipulates the protection of women. "Funds are being provided for small and micro projects for women, in addition to the investment law that guarantees equality between men and women in investment opportunities," explained Morsi.

The meeting is expected to come out with a ministerial declaration recommending concrete action by all countries and actors in the region to "activate" the commitments already made by the Union for the Mediterranean countries in previous declarations.

In 2013, in Paris, the 43 ministers of the Union of Ministers for the Mediterranean adopted the Third Ministerial Declaration on Enhancing the Role of Women in Society, in which they committed themselves to taking adequate measures and policies to ensure equal participation of women and men in political, economic and civil life.



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