Dialogue between Lebanon's parties to kick off among alert



Tue, 28 Nov 2017 - 05:50 GMT


Tue, 28 Nov 2017 - 05:50 GMT

PM Saad al-Hariri with Lebanese President Michel Aoun - FILE PHOTO

PM Saad al-Hariri with Lebanese President Michel Aoun - FILE PHOTO

CAIRO – 28 November 2017: After returning to his home country and resuming his duties as prime minster of Lebanon, Saad al-Hariri and his government seem to be on high alert while waiting for the results of the political dialogue, which President Michel Aoun promised to begin, in exchange for suspending Hariri’s resignation.

Four main topics that should be covered during the discussions between the Lebanese political parties, as required and demanded by Hariri after his return to Beruit. These aspects include the state’s stability, complete commitment to the Taif Agreement signed in 1989 and applying self-control rules over all political parties in order to restrict their effects on the state’s foreign relations.

According to Al-Hayat newspaper on Monday, Aoun will begin his meetings today with the country’s political parties and end his day with a separate meeting between Hariri and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to inform them of his most recent decisions.

Extensive efforts between Aoun, Hariri, Berri and other world leaders have been underway in order to restrain Hezbollah's interference in regional issues. On Saturday, French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the latest political developments over two phone calls with both Hariri and Aoun.

On November 22, Hariri appeared next to Aoun in Beirut’s Independence Day celebration, marking the end of 18 days of silence after announcing his resignation in a short video from Saudi Arabia.

He gave two short speeches in which he affirmed suspending his resignation and pledged to begin serious dialogue within the parties. “I presented today my resignation to President Michel Aoun, but he urged me to wait before offering it and to wait for more dialogue on its reasons and political background, and I agreed," Hariri said in his speech.

He added that these talks should tackle the reasons for his resignation, “I accepted Aoun’s request to postpone my resignation, hoping that this will offer us a serious chance to address our sectarian problems and its impact on our international relations, especially with our Arab brothers,” Hariri stated.

Later, he addressed his supporters in front of his residence in Beirut, named “Moderation House”, affirming that he will be staying in Lebanon to defend the country’s stability, freedom, peace and Arabism.

“This is a moment of honesty and history to all who have ears and eyes and wish to hear and see. I am Saad Rafik al-Hariri, one of you, standing with you to say thanks!” Hariri proclaimed, adding, “Thank you for all who know the importance of preserving this country’s stability and security. You came to welcome me back to the country, but I say that we should welcome Lebanon back for us.”

“We, people of moderation, have nothing precious more than our country. Our principles are indivisible and our slogan will always be ‘Lebanon first’,” Hariri concluded.



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