Former official labels Arish attackers as 'apostates'


Mon, 27 Nov 2017 - 08:41 GMT

Former Deputy Minister of Endowment Salem Abdel Galil- Press photo

Former Deputy Minister of Endowment Salem Abdel Galil- Press photo

CAIRO – 27 November 2017: Former Deputy Minister of Endowments Salem Abdel Galil issued a ‘Fatwa’ (Islamic Ruling) against militants who killed Muslim worshippers in Al-Rawdah mosque in Arish, calling them apostates.

Abdel Galil said that the treacherous killing of peaceful citizens and justifying bloodshed are considered apostasy, and that we should not hesitate to consider these killers apostates.

Several militants stormed Al-Rawdah Mosque in west Arish City during Friday prayers, according to eyewitnesses, and detonated an explosive device.

Egyptian Prosecutor General Nabil Sadeq announced Saturday that the death toll of the Arish attack rose to 305.

Undersecretary of Al-Azhar, Abbas Shoman, emphasized on Friday that the Arish attack is clear evidence that terrorism must not be associated with Islam and that those criminals are "distant from the crux of Islam." Meanwhile, Egypt's Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam condemned the terrorist attack, stressing that the perpetrators have “No mercy or humanity.”

In a speech on Friday, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb stated that, “shedding blood, disrespecting the sacred houses of God and terrorizing worshippers are all heinous acts of corruption.”



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