Find out notable corruption cases unveiled by ACA last week



Fri, 24 Nov 2017 - 08:41 GMT


Fri, 24 Nov 2017 - 08:41 GMT

Administrative Control Authority headquarter - Official Facebook

Administrative Control Authority headquarter - Official Facebook

CAIRO – 24 November 2017: As part of its wide-scale crackdown on corruption, the Administrative Control Authority unveiled in less than a week several corruption cases pertaining to different sectors.
1- The first deputy chairman of the Central Housing Cooperative Union has been arrested on receiving bribes worth up to LE8 million and 14 ownership contracts for 14 housing units, as well as other stores, from one of the contractors.

2- In Suez, the deputy chairman of the president of the National Youth Association for Cooperative Housing association was arrested after receiving bribes from the association's officials to cover up on the financial and administrative irregularities conducted by them.

3- ACA also managed to arrest two siblings offering bribes to president of Al-Salam district in return for enabling them to illegally obtain a plot of a land on an area of 5 acres owned by the Ministry of Endowments.

4- A top official at al-Ahly bank was arrested for receiving 20,000 worth of bribes from an owner of a private contracting company in exchange for facilitating the sale of a bank-owned plot of land encompassing 64,000 square meters. He planned to have residential buildings built on it.

5- The administrative control board succeeded in uncovering the corrupt officials of the local authorities in several different districts in Cairo.

6- In the district of Maasara, a top state official was charged with receiving LE 50,000 worth of bribes in return for distorting the sale of two plots of land owned by the public-sector companies.

7- A technician in Nozha district was arrested and charged with the payment of LE10, 000 worth of bribes in return for enabling a citizen to acquire a store in the district.

8- Top state official in al-Ameriya district was arrested for abusing his power to suspend the execution of a decision issued earlier to bring down a ramshackle building, favoring one citizen.



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