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2 arrested for possession of explosives

Thu, Nov. 16, 2017
CAIRO – 16 November 2017: Two persons were arrested for possessing explosives typically used in quarries without licenses on Thursday. Besides the explosives, they were found to possess construction materials, coal, raw sodium salt and electrical wires.

Necessary legal action has been taken and they were referred to prosecution pending investigation.

Egyptian national security officers exert efforts in combating and criminalizing corruption in Egypt.

On this regard, the police academy and the military academy annually organize training for their students to strengthen the cooperation between the armed forces and police, raise the capability of students and help them acquire different skills and expertise in fighting terrorism.

For fighting corruption, Egypt adopted in October an anti-corruption law that defines the concept of, and factors leading to corruption from the Egyptian perspective such as “the behavior or attitude exercised by any official, by which the official may violate the ethical measures and codes of conduct, resulting in organizational, behavioral, and financial contravention. The penalties for such contravention may vary from disciplinary punishment to criminal penalties.”

The ACA is a supreme control authority in Egypt that fights various forms of corruption among the state’s institutions and public servants through internal control elements.

It comprises of several units that are responsible for studying the causes of negligence in work, following-up on regulations and systems, revealing defects in the administrative, technical, and financial systems, preventing crimes on duties and tendencies to abuse authority, examining media coverage of issues revealing misconduct in public services, crimes related to seizing public funds by public employees, examining complaints received from citizens or concerned authorities, investigating illegal gain cases, conducting investigations on candidates for top management posts, providing reports to relevant authorities and conducting any required studies.
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