Alexandria to establish first monorail system in Egypt



Mon, 13 Nov 2017 - 05:30 GMT


Mon, 13 Nov 2017 - 05:30 GMT

Alexandria to establish first Monorail system in Egypt - File photo

Alexandria to establish first Monorail system in Egypt - File photo

CAIRO – 13 November 2017: Alexandria Public Transport Authority signed a memorandum of understanding on Monday with a Chinese company to establish a monorail for the first time in Egypt.

Khaled Eleiwa, head of the authority, said the authority agreed to import 15 electric buses. This came in the framework of developing the public transport system in Alexandria with state-of-the-art means, as well as supporting the existing fleet.

One electric bus will be imported for a three-month pilot program to work on the main axes until the end of the period, stated Eleiwa, adding that electric buses are safer and more environmentally friendly, with less maintenance costs.

Alexandria had only 468 buses in 2014, compared to 732 in 2017, and it is expected to import two double-decker buses within the next three months, said Eleiwa, adding that the authority has developed new lines for public transport to help the citizens.

Governor of Alexandria Mohamed Sultan said that developing the traffic axes in Alexandria is one of the major challenges being faced and that several projects to overcome the traffic problems in Alexandria are being worked on.

In September, the National Authority for Tunnels launched the project to renovate the Alexandria tramway network, which was introduced in 1863 and consists of 20 lines operating on 32 kilometers and serving 140 stops.

The project entails switching to electric locomotives, whose vehicles are equipped with air conditioners, operating on 14 kilometers at a maximum speed of 140 km/h and serving 28 stations. The railroads would pass through tunnels or bridges at crossroads.
Tarek Abou el-Wafa, head of the Central Administration for Planning at the authority, told Egypt Today that many consulting companies were contacted to present their proposals for the execution of the project.

Six international coalitions were selected to take part in a limited tender, with one of them to be chosen within a month.

The selected consulting coalition will cooperate with the authority to conduct studies for the execution phase and make designs within six to nine months.

The coalition will also work on setting the terms and conditions for the international tender, which will be held to select the company that will execute the project by mid-2018.

The renovation plan also includes installing new railroads, as well as the electrification of tram signaling at Raml Station located in the center of the Mediterranean city.
Abou El Wafa stated that the project would be finished in three years maximum at a cost of €360 million ($433 million). He added that €100 million will be granted as a soft loan by the French Development Agency.



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