Sisi addresses WYF


Tue, 07 Nov 2017 - 06:30 GMT

Photo of al-sis at WYF file photo

Photo of al-sis at WYF file photo

CAIRO - 07 November 2017: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi initiated the third day of the World Youth Forum participating in the plenary session dubbed "Challenges and Issues Facing Youth Across the World, Means of Confrontation to Make a Future."

Attended by many speakers from different nationalities, the session was attended by the president of Chad, Idriss Deby, who tackled the developmental challenges facing the African continent and the significant role of African youth.

The Iraqi activist Liamia Haji Bashar spoke about the abuse of women and children and crimes committed by the Islamic State. The Japanese activist Horitaka Koheki, the Indian playwright Raúl Khan, and head of the Middle East Division of the World Economic Forum Marek Dask all discussed the various challenges and diverse issues facing the world's youth and the best solutions to these challenges.

"Unemployment, illiteracy, and the steady annual population growth amounting 2.5 million people were atop of the challenges President Sisi tackled as facing Egyptian youth. There is a much larger number of people in the labor market than available vacancies," said Bassam Radi, spokesman for the presidency.

Proceeding with his speech on terror at the opening session of the Model United Nations, Sisi referred to the measures taken over the past four years to combat terrorism. He pointed out that the threat of terrorism is, “a challenge to the entire world that seeks to threaten and destroy countries.”

"Egypt’s state respects its people and seeks to achieve peace, and the Egyptians are capable of confronting all those who are trying to destroy their country," said Sisi. He gave credit to the Egyptians' awareness that encouraged him to proceed with the current economic reforms. "Thanks to honesty and openness between the state and Egyptians, that made defying the various challenges achievable."



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