Egypt drafts 1st animal right law



Sat, 04 Nov 2017 - 08:30 GMT


Sat, 04 Nov 2017 - 08:30 GMT

Egypt will stipulate laws on animal rights during the upcoming months – CC via Flickr/David Tarwin

Egypt will stipulate laws on animal rights during the upcoming months – CC via Flickr/David Tarwin

CAIRO – 4 November 2017: For the first time, Egypt might see its first animal rights law in the upcoming months after years of considering their rights as unimportant.

The head of the Animal Rights Committee, Tarek Misk, told Egypt Today that the committee is presently discussing the draft law to be presented to the parliament soon.

This draft law aims to secure the simple rights of the animal to be fed, watered and get healthcare adequately. It also targets the protection of animals from abuse and negligence.

“The law will include penalties for those who commit crimes against animals”, Misk said, pointing out that there’s an article that states that it’s not allowed to cause any pain by any way to animals.

When asked about killing stray dogs in streets, he said that this new law will not set specific ways for these killing operations. The government authorities have the right of deciding the way and condition that does not cause pain to them.

“To obtain an animal, you have to obtain a license from the competent authority, which defines the purpose of getting this animal clearly,” he said, adding that if you have to leave an animal for any reason, you should leave them in authorized animal shelters.
When asked about the animals that are used in scientific research, Misk said there should be laws that govern this.

Egypt is late in issuing this law, as many Arab countries have already issued animal protection laws previously.

Article 45 was introduced to the 2014 Egyptian Constitution for the first time to support animal rights. Unfortunately, however, authorities do not seem to be concerned with this article and do not pay attention to it.

Stray dogs and cats have been ubiquitous on Egypt’s streets for years, and although they are not typically mistreated, recent cases have been reported raising backlash from Egyptians against cruelty in dealing with animals.

In February 2015, a video of a dog named “Max” being stabbed to death went viral, and his killers were sentenced to prison.

In January, a court closed a case filed against Al-Ahly Club over killing stray dogs on grounds that the law does not criminalize killing stray animals.



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