NCW demands questioning MP for slapping female security guard



Fri, 03 Nov 2017 - 08:58 GMT


Fri, 03 Nov 2017 - 08:58 GMT

National Council for Women (NCW) Chairwoman Maya Morsi - Courtesy of NCW's Facebook page

National Council for Women (NCW) Chairwoman Maya Morsi - Courtesy of NCW's Facebook page

CAIRO - 3 November 2017: The National Council for Women (NCW) demanded an investigation into MP Mangoud al-Hawary’s slapping of a female Fayoum University security guard.

In a statement on November 3, NCW chairwoman Maya Morsi called Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal to take all necessary procedures regarding the MP who abused the female security guard.

“All of the NCW members feel sorry for the incident. Women’s rights should be preserved and respected, as we won’t tolerate or ignore any incident regarding human rights in the society,” Morsi said.

Last Wednesday, social media users shared a video of Hawary, an MP from Fayoum governorate, as he was slapping a female security guard in the street. During statements to media outlets following the incident, Hawary explained that he received a phone call from his daughter, who was crying for help and saying that one of the university security guards humiliated her.

“When I arrived, I figured that one of the guards banned my daughter from entering the university as she was taking a child with her inside the campus; however, I didn’t like the way she was talking with me and I couldn’t help but to slap her for what she did to my daughter. Any father in my situation would do the same,” Hawary said.

Fayoum University issued a statement to clarify the details of the incident, affirming that reconciliation between the security guard and the MP has been made during a closed meeting without any pressures.

It was added in the statement that the university security member was trying to apply the regulations of the university and didn’t make any violations during the incident.

“During the meeting, MP al-Hawary apologized to the security guard, in an attempt to end the problem by mutual consent,” the statement read. However, according the NCW statement, Hawary should be investigated, as no one is above the law.



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