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First center for crisis management opens in Dakahliya

Tue, Oct. 31, 2017
CAIRO – 31 October 2017: Ahmed al-Shaarawy, governor of Dakahliya, inaugurated on Monday the country’s first well-suited center for disaster and crisis management to ever be located in an Egyptian governorate.

Shaarawy inspected the center's sections and units, reviewed the maps of infrastructure as well as service maps, and further learned about the center’s database and different scenarios put forth by the center’s management to identify and deal with potential emergencies or crises.

Being an essential part of the center’s strategy, Shaarawy pointed out that the governorate is closely considering the need to provide alternative housing to families affected by any potential disasters, adding that the center is equipped with high-tech control machines that efficiently enable rapid response during crises.

The government is currently gearing up for the upcoming rainy season to minimize the drastic effects that usually accompany it.

Shaarawy witnessed the launching of the initiative "Mansoura in the most beautiful picture" and the competition of the most beautiful city and village at the governorate level, which lasts for one month, by the local units of West and East Mansoura.

The governor of Dakahliya said that the competition entailed intensely cleaning, beautifying, and increasing green areas and fountains in those cities. That is in addition to lighting and implementing more light posts in the city.

In 2016, a Cabinet’s Supreme Committee responsible for responding to crises and disasters was first formed. The committee is entitled to ensure the safety and security of people in the event that any crisis should emerge, be it environmental or man-made, through coordination with the local authorities concerned.
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