Yemeni interior minister accuses Qatar of supporting Houthis



Wed, 25 Oct 2017 - 12:52 GMT


Wed, 25 Oct 2017 - 12:52 GMT

Flag of Qatar, Via Flacker Photo Creative

Flag of Qatar, Via Flacker Photo Creative

CAIRO – 25 October 2017: Yemeni Interior Minister Hussein Arab accused Qatar Wednesday of supporting and financing Houthi militants.

Arab added in statements to media outlets that this is not the first time Doha chooses to support these militants against the Yemeni government. “What is happening is not new,” Arab said.

Furthermore, the Yemeni interior minister affirmed that his country believes that Qatar does not support terrorism only through Houthis, but also through supporting most terrorist groups across the Middle East.

“Doha is recruiting Yemenis abroad to demonstrate against the legitimate government,” Arab explained.

Yemen, however, is not the first country that accuses Qatar of supporting terrorism, aiming to destabilize the neighboring countries.

On October 23, Libyan army spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari accused Qatar of smuggling terrorists and armed groups affiliated with IS from Syria to the borders of Libya, Sudan and Egypt.

He affirmed in statements to media outlets that Doha persists on financing and aiding terrorism in his country; adding that all of the remaining elements of the Islamic State (IS), the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda groups are gathering again in Libya and planning to form a new alliance to spread within the region.

Also on August 14, Chad Foreign Minister Ibrahim Hussein Taha claimed in statements to ON Live television channel that Qatar is hosting a number of groups known to be hostile to his country.

“We are still trying to build our country and work on our development,” Taha said; stressing that Doha’s government has been supporting hostile groups that target his state’s stability.



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