Government passes new traffic law



Wed, 18 Oct 2017 - 03:38 GMT


Wed, 18 Oct 2017 - 03:38 GMT

Prime Minster Sherif Ismail – File Photo

Prime Minster Sherif Ismail – File Photo

CAIRO – 18 October 2017: The Egyptian government approved on Wednesday the new traffic law, Transport Minister Hesham Arafat said in a press conference at the cabinet headquarters.

This law is expected to contribute to reducing the frequency of fatal accidents, avoiding traffic errors in large cities, and extending penalties for violations of the law.

The new law suggests establishing a points system. The license holder will be given 50 points. With each violation, he/she loses a point or more.

When all points are deducted, the driver’s license is suspended for 30 days. To get the license back, the driver must enroll in an accredited driving school to learn more about the traffic laws.

Upon exceeding the speed limit, there are four penalties depending on the travelled distance. The maximum fine is LE 500 ($28), and the driver would lose 2-5 points as a penalty.

In case of using speed camera detectors, the driver loses 5 points as a penalty, in addition to the fine.

All drivers will be exposed to a substance abuse detection test before taking the driving license. If the driver is proved that he is a drug user, he will be deprived from the license permanently, according to a security source.

He added that the drivers must pass a training course to learn the basics of safe driving in one of the driving schools that is accredited from General Directorate of Traffic.



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