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IMF Managing Director praises economic reform in Egypt

Tue, Oct. 17, 2017
CAIRO – 17 October 2017: Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, commend the reform measures that Egypt took to pave the way of reforming its economy.

Lagarde added that she appreciates the determination of the Egyptian administration to sustain constructive steps of reform.

This came on the sidelines of the meeting of the Middle East’s and North African countries’ prime ministers, including the Egyptian Minister of Finance, Amr El-Garhy.

El-Garhy delivered the opening speech, in which he displayed the strategy of the economic reform program to achieve sustainable and comprehensive growth.

El-Garhy added that the Egyptian government works on five main axes spearheaded by increasing the growth rate and employment to reform the Egyptian economy, which has suffered in the last few years.

The government seeks also to increase spending on health, education and public services, indicating that woman empowerment is on top of the agenda of the government, added El-Garhy.

El-Garhy further said that Egypt is working on increasing the ability of social protection programs to target the neediest people and highlighted that they pay attention to small and medium-sized enterprises.
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