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Sat, 14 Oct 2017 - 09:04 GMT


Sat, 14 Oct 2017 - 09:04 GMT

World Youth Forum Logo - Photo credit WYF Facebook page

World Youth Forum Logo - Photo credit WYF Facebook page

CAIRO - 14 October 2017: Under the auspices of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, the tourist attraction city of Sharm el-Sheikh will host the World Youth Forum (WYF) from November 4-10.

The forum will bring together 3,000 youth represented by 60 delegations from across the world to explore key issues facing their generation, and determine their role in implementing the global development goals and in facing terrorism.

The idea of holding an international youth conference in Egypt came during the third National Conference of Youth (NYC) in Ismailya, and sisi approved it.

In July, the president announced organizing the WYF in Sharm el-Sheikh during the fourth National Youth Conference in Alexandria.

The seven-day gathering will witness the participation of official youth representatives over 18 years old, leaders of various youth networks, head of states, media figures and around 250 young Egyptian expats. It will be held under the theme "We Need to Talk."
The WYF sends a message of peace, prosperity, harmony and love to the entire world.

The official hashtag of the World Youth Forum - Photo credit WYF official Facebook page
Once again Egypt translates its commitment, as a champion for young people, to youth empowerment by providing a platform for young people to genuinely voice their needs and aspirations and to participate in the decision-making processes.

Young people are the ones who will be living with the decisions made today, and they should be contributors to shaping them.

Furthermore, the WYF would serve as a stage for youth to share their diverse experiences leading to changing the mainstreamed stereotypes of certain regions, races, and religions.

The deliberations and discussions among peers of different cultures will raise the youth’s sense of responsibility and may lead to a more peaceful and prosperous world.

On the economic and political levels, the WYF creates a great opportunity for youth to promote the role of entrepreneurship in enhancing economic growth and to discuss challenges that hinder the development of youth entrepreneurship.

During the WYF, young people from around the world will have the chance to engage with top policy makers to demonstrate their strong leadership and dedication to drive positive change within their communities.

It therefore reaffirms that they have the skills and abilities to be equal partners in making decisions about their future.

This gathering matters as it involves and recognizes the capabilities of youth to address issues of international concern like terrorism and climate change with concrete action.

Egypt will also benefit from this international gathering, as it provides an opportunity to present the Egyptian rich culture, heritage and history.

It will also promote tourism in Egypt, and illustrate the fact that Egypt is safe and secure.

World Youth Forum promotional material - Photo credit WYF official Facebook page
This is not the first initiative by Egypt that has young people in its heart, previously sisi announced the year 2016 as the youth year.

Later in September, during the United Nations General Assembly's (UNGA) 72nd session, the president announced the “Hope and Work” initiative in collaboration with the UN to counter tourism with efforts lead by the Egyptian youth.

The WYF messages:
The WYF sends to the world from Egypt messages of peace, creativity and development.

All for Peace message - Photo credit WYF Facebook page

The WYF also seeks to provide recent information about vital global issues of concern for further discussion by participants in the forum.

The WYF program:
The actual discussion sessions are planned to start on November 6 where participants will discuss substantive issues of terrorism, climate change, irregular migration, refugees, sustainable development, technology and entrepreneurship.

Participants will also discuss challenges facing youth and women in decision-making and means to increase the political, social and economic participation of youth and women.

Furthermore, the gathering will tackle the role of cinema in facing terrorism and extremism.

The agenda of the WYF will feature various pillars addressing various themes and issues related to youth including:
Global Youth Issues: participants will discuss issues of terrorism, climate change, illegal migration and issues related to refugees, the impact of conflicts on youth and their role in building sustainable peace and the issue of sustainable development.

Sustainable development, technology and entrepreneurship: participants will discuss international experiences in achieving sustainable development goals.

Youth will also present their innovative experiences in entrepreneurship and discuss the impact of technology on their lives.

Civilizations and Culture: includes subjects related to arts and literature, cultural identity, how to integrate civilizations and cultures, and to benefit from their diversity and the role of literature and arts in fixing the damages of conflicts and wars.

Creating Future Leaders: the session reviews major international experiences related to the rehabilitation and training of young people and the role of countries and societies in preparing future leaders.

Model United Nations (MUN): a three-day simulation of the UN Security Council (UN-SC), where more than 60 young people from around the world will participate.

Through this experience these young people will be able to live the experience of being representatives of the UN Security Council, helping them identify and work on various points of view and solutions during the discussion of different topics that include; the threats to global peace and security, and the challenges facing countries as a result of waves of irregular migration, and cyber wars and its threat to state security.

Modul United Nations (MUN) - Photo credit WYF official facebook page

The closing session of the WYF will witness voting on relevant recommendations resulting from the discussions.

The WYF preparations: Believing that young people are not only future leaders but also present leaders, the forum will be fully organized by youth.

It will be sponsored by national businesses including banks, as part of their social responsibility. Furthermore, the office of the president will follow closely the details pertaining to the forum preparations.

A dedicated team was formed to prepare for the forum. In addition, several committees were established to follow up on certain issues like logistics, content, public relations, media, budget and coordination.

The committees are formed of representatives of all ministries and governmental organizations in addition to the youth team.

The registration process for the forum was launched in August; applicants were requested to propose ideas to be discussed during the forum.

Reactions to the WYF: Egyptian youth utilized this opportunity to welcome youth from across the world to Egypt. They utilized social media platforms to invite youth to come to the WYF and to visit Egypt.

More than 1,000 young females and males from all the governorates volunteered to assist in the preparation process of the forum.

Until this moment, Egypt organized four National Youth Conferences under the auspices and participation of sisi and high level officials.

The conferences discussed issues of concern and priority for Egyptian youth. The conferences were organized in Sharm el-Sheikh, Aswan, Ismailia and Alexandria respectively.



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