Qatari opposition reveals Doha links to European terrorism



Fri, 13 Oct 2017 - 12:05 GMT


Fri, 13 Oct 2017 - 12:05 GMT

Qatar's ruler Tamim bin Hamad (R) and Terrorists appeared on Al-Jazeera channel (L)- File Photo.

Qatar's ruler Tamim bin Hamad (R) and Terrorists appeared on Al-Jazeera channel (L)- File Photo.

CAIRO – 13 October 2017: Qatari opposition revealed Doha’s involvement in spreading terrorism in Europe. Qatari Leaks website disclosed that the Qatari engineering office in Denmark is the stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe as Qatar’s Emir Tamimbin Hamad Al Thani had inaugurated it under the leadership of Hamad Al-Attiyah, Tamim’s advisor.

Doha’s alleged sponsorship of terrorism is backed by many supposed facts. The Qatari regime’s support of terrorist groups in the Arab region has expanded to reach Europe. Doha has opened new NGOs, charity organizations and diplomatic offices in Europe only to serve the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and similar violent groups.

According to a video released by Qatari Leaks, that Danish officecontributes to many Brotherhood activities, in addition to Hamad bin Khalifa Civilization Center and the Danish Islamic Council.

Gamal al-Menshawy, expert in Islamic movements affairs, told Egypt Today that Qatar plays a significant role in backing the Brotherhood via charity and religious entities in European countries.

“The Qatari engineering office aims at giving the Brotherhood activities legal and legitimate cloaks in Europe,” Gamal added.

Qatari opposition groups have exposed Doha’s investments in promoting extremism in Netherlands through the Qatari embassy in The Hague, which it called thee mines of terrorism.

According to documents uncovered by Qatari Leaks, Doha provided extremists with €20 million to infiltrate mosques and €107,000 to build the Qatari Islamic center in Rotterdam.

According to the information obtained by Qatari Leaks, the sources recorded the participation of Sufian Mohammed Al Maraghi, the legal advisor to the engineering office, in the Waqf meetings, on the instructions of the head of the Qatari office. He was also assigned to the secretariat of the Board of Trustees of the Greater Copenhagen, with other members of the office: the vice president Mohammed bin Mutlaq al-Qahtani, the projects officer Abdul MonemZaher, the general manager Nasser Rashid Al Nuaimi and the assistant director of technical affairs Abdulrahman Zayed Al Nuaimi.

Through follow-up and monitoring of communications to the Danish Islamic Council, the documents revealed by Qatari Leaks found an intensive presence of the Qatari engineering office on the European arena from 2009 to 2017, especially in Denmark, where it worked during that period on:

- Direct intervention and control of the structure of members, inside the Council and the Waqf.

- Continuous funding for the Brotherhood organization in Denmark.

- Cooperation with the Danish Islamic Council to establish Hamad bin Khalifa civilization center, with full funding from the engineering office.

- The name of the engineering office shouldn’t be mentioned in any activity or occasion.

- Sending a letter by the Danish Islamic Council confirming its commitment to the absence of any observations or surprises during the opening outside the approved program, and the absence of any guest from outside the list.

- The opening should be formal, limited to the official words, and a word explaining the details of the center.

In France, Doha financed 242 groups affiliated to the Brotherhood. The Qatari Administration uses its investments in Europe to penetrate the continent and cancerously spread and support extremist ideologies, as explained by a forum titled “Qatari Investments in France and the Equation of the Unknown Fate: Qatar between Politics and Terrorism,” organized by the International Center for Geopolitical and Prospective Analytics (CIGPA).

Qatar funds 242 associations loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood in France alone, which they claim helps French Muslims. These associations also seek to present the Muslim Brotherhood to the West as a democratic religious group.

Qatar controls the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF), as stated in a wikileaks report in August. The peninsular state has pumped millions of dollars to achieve the aforementioned goals.

Speakers at the forum agreed that Qatari investments in France, their revenues, and their expenses must be investigated.



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