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PAP praises American decision to lift economic sanctions on Sudan

Sat, Oct. 7, 2017
CAIRO – 7 October, 2017: Second vice President of Pan African Parliament (PAP) Mostafa El Gendy praised the latest American decision to lift the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997, adding that the step should have been taken sooner.

The former president of the African Affairs committee in the Egyptian Parliament said in a press statement Saturday that the decision supports development and stability in Sudan. El Gendy pointed out that the decision is consistent with both Egyptian and African visions, adding that Egypt has always sought to realize this action.

“International Society should compensate Sudan for the difficulties the country went through due to the unfair sanctions.”, said El Gendy.

El Gendy urged the Egyptian government to enhance the agreements between Egypt and Sudan in order to increase cooperation in different fields.

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