10 films document October War victory


Fri, 06 Oct 2017 - 06:40 GMT

photos of October War photo file.

photos of October War photo file.

CAIRO – 6 October 2017: Ten Egyptian Films documented the October War in 1973 produced by the Department of Morale Affairs.

In the memorial of the October War, the official website of the Egyptian Ministry of Defense published numerous documentary films that reflect the story of the October War and that depicts the armed forces’ strategy that led to the victory of the war.

The films document the story of the October War in detail, with the commanders’ weapons and key branches and the heroes who participated in the planning and implementation of all phases of the work to achieve the historic achievement documented in books.

The official website of the Ministry of Defense broadcasted a number of national promos, songs and documentary films produced by the Department of Morale Affairs to celebrate the national occasion and enlighten the current generation with the sacrifices offered by devoted soldiers of the Egyptian the Armed forces.

The Department of Morale Affairs is responsible for the propaganda of the Egyptian armed forces. The department’s tasks include psychologically assuring members of the armed forces — as a means of protecting them from any deviation and ensuring that they are in good spirits and unaffected by the hardships of combat.



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