photo of Muslim Brothers leaders photo file.  photo of Muslim Brothers leaders photo file.

Palestinian reconciliation shocks Muslim Brotherhood

Tue, Oct. 3, 2017
CAIRO - 03 October 2017: Stunned Muslim Brotherhood members lamented over the current ongoing events in the Middle East region via their Facebook pages.

Parallel with the Palestinian government assuming its duties in Gaza Strip, Muslim Brotherhood leaders, allies and advocates were haunted by a shock following the Palestinian reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas. Some Brotherhood members described the present time as the "sad days" and "the days of defeat," and others deemed Hamas as treading in the steps of the Ennahda movement in Tunisia.

"We witness sad days; Abbas government assumes it duties in Gaza. Al-Sisi photos are raised in the downtrodden sector; we may seek an excuse for Hamas given the collapse of the Islamists in Egypt, which destroyed the entire region. O God, let us be rewarded for our patience in this misfortune and grant us better days to follow," commented Asim Abdel Majid, leader of the Islamic group, in a post on his Facebook page summing up the Brotherhood's attitude towards the current events in the region.

On the other hand, Abdurrahman Ezz, the fugitive in Turkey who was sentenced to prison in Egypt, said, "now, no one can express his opinion on what is happening in Gaza or even in Egypt. Everyone must keep silent, including those who wish to bargain, or even the advocates of any of the conflicting parties. This is the moment of defeat for the people and concepts of freedom, dignity and humanity. The moment requires frankness, rather than bidding, to understand without justifying, and learn from the lessons without negligence, or go on making mistakes."

Ahmed Rami al-Houfi, the spokesman for "the dissolved" Justice and Freedom Party, narrated an accident that disclosed Hamas's attempts to explore the views of its allies before taking the recent procedures, saying, "about a year ago, a political analyst from Hamas called me and sought my opinion concerning some issues regarding the Egyptian file and the internal situation of Muslim brothers. I answered his questions honestly and then he concluded his speech saying, ‘may God forgive you. We had already begun to prepare for the liberation of a new land until what has happened’.”

Houfi proceeded, "Whoever does not think that what happened in Egypt on June 30 has its regional repercussions in Gaza, Syria, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen is really a pathetic person."
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