Trial of 379 "Nahda" MB protesters adjourned unit Nov 4



Mon, 02 Oct 2017 - 02:02 GMT


Mon, 02 Oct 2017 - 02:02 GMT

The Cairo Criminal Court  - File photo

The Cairo Criminal Court - File photo

CAIRO - 2 October 2017: The Giza Criminal Court decided on Monday to postpone until November 4 the trial of 379 defendants of the terrorist Brotherhood group, who took part in the armed sit-in at Nahda Square in Giza in 2013.

The postponement came to hear the argument of the defense team of the defendants.

Late prosecutor general Hisham Barakat had referred the defendants to the criminal court after investigations held them responsible for organizing rallies that threatened public peace and security, and forming an armed gang.

All the defendants had been implicated in acts of violence, blocking transportation and occupying government buildings, as well as arresting and physically torturing persons.

They had also possessed firearms and explosives.

The investigations had revealed the defendants organized armed marches from the armed sit-in in Nahda Square in Giza toward different parts of the governorate with the aim to attack citizens.

The prosecution had stressed that state authorities had been forced to end the armed sit-in to spare civilian blood.

The decision had been reached after all peaceful attempts to end the sit-in had failed, according to the prosecution.

The prosecution had heard the testimonies of 72 witnesses, all of whom had confirmed that the protest camp had not been peaceful.

Video footages had also shown some of the protesters carrying weapons and opening fire at police troops.

The prosecution had, meanwhile, released another 488 defendants in the case due to lack of evidence.



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