Khaled Ali - File photo Khaled Ali - File photo

Khalid Ali imprisoned for Violating Public Morals

Mon, Sep. 25, 2017

CAIRO - 25 September 2017: Former Egyptian presidential candidate Khaled Ali was given a jail term on charges of violating public morals.

Giza Misdemeanors Court sentenced Khaled Ali, the founder of the Bread and Freedom Party, to three months in prison and LE 1,000 ($56.70) on charges of committing an act of "public indecency", after he made an obscene remark while participating in a demonstration outside the State Council.

The court, headed by Judge Ahmed Abdel Jayed, adjourned the hearing to listen to the defense. The defendant’s lawyer requested that the president of Giza Misdemeanors Court delegate the tripartite committee responsible for preparing the technical report to examine the photographs and videos on which the case is based.

The court has earlier demanded an expert from the Radio & Television Union to submit a report on the video footage evidence, which shows Ali making inappropriate hand gestures that “violate public morals” during the said protest earlier this year.
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