Opposition against Tamim intensifies at home and abroad



Thu, 21 Sep 2017 - 11:23 GMT


Thu, 21 Sep 2017 - 11:23 GMT

Qatari flag - File photo

Qatari flag - File photo

CAIRO – 21 September 2017: At the time that the world is raging over Qatar’s involvement in supporting and sponsoring terrorism by hosting internationally designated terrorists, opposition leaders, either inside Qatar or outside, are uniting to threaten Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad’s throne.

Exiled opposition figures speak out against the atrocities of the regime

Mona al-Sulaiti

In exclusive statements to Egypt Today, the prominent opposition voice, Mona al-Sulaiti, said we are anticipating very soon the toppling of the current government and there is no alternative to the formation of a “national salvation government. People will soon not recognize legitimacy of his government.”

Mona Al Sulaiti - Photo via Sky News

“Tamim is the biggest plunderer; he is only interested in accumulating as much money as possible by meddling with state resources.” Sulaiti added, confirming that the continuation of Tamim’s leadership will thrust the whole nation into a dark tunnel.

Al-Murrah tribe

The tribal Sheikh Al-Murrah Taleb bin Muhammed Lahm bin Shraim has denounced Qatar for revoking his Qatari citizenship and that of other 55 members of the tribe in a video

Shraim has confirmed that Qatar has withdrawn their citizenships because his tribe has refused to insult Saudi Arabia especially the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, alongside with the Kingdom of Bahrain, when the Qatari regime asked them to.

A majority of tribe members were strong supporters of Sheikh Khalifa Al-Thani, the former Emir of Qatar who was deposed in 1995 in a coup by his son. Eight months after the coup, 119 Al-Murrah members attempted to overthrow the new Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Al-Thani, but failed.

Qatar has put many members of the Al-Murrah tribe in prison without trial, where they were subjected to torture and humiliation, and others were prevented from entering the country for long periods, which led to them dropping their nationalities.

Ruling family shaken from within

A prominent member of Qatar’s ruling family, and former Qatari foreign minister, Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim repeated calls for a national meeting of elders of the ruling family to put an end to the current rift, that “[we] can no longer remain quiescent towards it.

Appearing on Sky News, bin Suhaim lamented the “proliferation of foreign troops in Doha” to vindicate the Qataris from their Arab siblings, calling Qataris to stand up against foreign intervention in their homeland.

Because of mistakes made by the Qatari government, he said, “I have all fears that the Qatari identity will be linked to terrorism.”

On Sunday, a day before Sheikh Sultan’s statement, the Qatari royal family member Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani issued a statement published on his official Twitter account regarding the current political crisis in the Arab Gulf region calling for the same demands.

Abdullah bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Jassem Al-Thani – Twitter

The Qatari opposition has stressed that Qatar has reached the point of no return regarding its policies with its Arab neighbors, noting that the beginning of its conspiracy against the Arabs indicates that it has a vision outside the framework of the Arab world and the Gulf Cooperation Council, Sharjah 24 reported on August 2.

World-wide firm stand against Doha

“Qatar, Global Security and Stability” conference in London

On Thursday, Qatari opposition figures inaugurated the “Qatar, and Global Security and Stability” Conference that saw the attendance of members of parliamentarians and former state officials from different countries, who have dusted off the crimes and violations committed by the ever-encroaching Qatari regime.

Kahled Al Hail, an exiled Qatari opposition figure revealed that the Qatari regime attempted to inhibit the conference, accusing the ruling family of corruption, especially regarding the millions of dollars that Qatar splurged on World Cup venues.

Al Hail accused Iran of smuggling drugs into Qatar, which opened its markets for Iran and Turkey following the boycotting and embargoing decisions of the quartet countries.

British Member of Parliament (MP), Daniel Kawczynski, said that terrorism funding cannot happen without the knowledge of governments, and that the west realizes that local entities in the Middle East fund terror.

“We do not like the fact that Qatar supports Al Nusra Front in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. It is allied with Iran, which claims that Bahrain is part of its territories. It supports the Houthis in Yemen,” American businessman Dov Zakheim, who served in the Reagan administration at the Department of Defense, said.

Lord Paddy Ashdown, Ambassador Bill Richardson, Iain Duncan Smith, John Simpson, Jamie Rubin, General Chuck Wald, Brigadier General Shlomo Brom, Dov Zakheim and MP Daniel Kawczynski joined leading Middle East commentators and members of the Qatari opposition to debate the past, present and likely future of Qatar.

“Anti Qatar-linked terrorism” conference in Poland

On the sidelines of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) conference, the anti-terrorism conference participants in Poland called on European countries to sever ties with Doha over its alleged support of terrorism and to follow the Saudi-led coalition against Qatar.

"Stop Qatar Terrorism" conference kicked off in Warsaw on September 13, 2017

They also called on the European Criminal Court to track down crimes committed by Qatar, which have led to the loss of thousands of innocent lives around the globe.

France, Germany, Switzerland stand against terror of Qatar

Following Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad’s arrival in Germany, Arab communities in Berlin held on Friday morning a protest against the atrocities of the Qatari regime.

The participants condemned Tamim’s current visit to Germany, hoisting a number of banners denouncing Qatar’s involvement in sponsoring and harboring terrorists.

In Paris, A number of representatives of political parties and human rights organizations organized a massive demonstration on Friday, with placards and calls for the world to stand against terrorism of Qatar.

In a show of solidarity with the “International Campaign Against Qatar’s Financing of Terrorism,” launched two days ago, the protesters hoisted signs reading "Qatari Terrorism Threatens the World” and “We Stand Against Qatar’s Terrorism," repudiating Tamim’s current tour to a number of European countries, including France and Germany.

The protesters demanded justice for the thousands of innocent lives lost in Qatar-linked acts of terrorism in Europe, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, calling on the French parliament to suspend relations with Qatar and on the international community to impose economic and diplomatic sanctions on Doha.

Arab communities in Berlin protest against Qatar – Press photo

At the host country of the UN headquarters, the AFHR arranged a massive demonstration against the Qatari regime in Geneva, on the sidelines of the Human Rights council spin-off meeting titled "Global Campaign against Qatar’s Financing for Terrorism."



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