EXCLUSIVE: Egypt Today uncovers members of Qatari royal family involved in buying real-estate in Israel



Wed, 20 Sep 2017 - 01:27 GMT


Wed, 20 Sep 2017 - 01:27 GMT

Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani - File Photo

Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani - File Photo

Iran and Turkey host Qatari citizens and diplomats who fear Qatari oppression

Turkey exercises more power in Qatar through launching Qatari-Iranianfactories in Doha

Qatari citizens smuggle money from Qatar aboard private jets

Egypt Today uncovers new details about the current events in Qatar and its cooperation with Israel. Events have been unfolding ever since Arab countries boycotted Qatar due to its support of terrorist organizations and the agreements it held with them. In addition, Arab countries imposed many sanctions on Qatar to pressure it to stop supporting terrorism, but Doha refused to cooperate and yield to the demands. In fact, Doha reinforced its relationship with Iran. The Qatari regime started smuggling money outside Qatar to a number of countries, like Israel, Britain, Switzerland and Latin American ones.

A high-ranking source told Egypt Today that Qatar already started sending a huge number of royals and top officials to different countries. The source indicated that they purchased a number of properties (consisting of palaces and luxury homes) within the past few weeks in three countries: Israel, Turkey and Iran. Many important personnel are being sent there, as he indicated that there are high-ranking government officials who left to Israel days ago, where they spend most of their time save for a few days to meet Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani. Huge amounts of cash are smuggled outside Qatar, and there are Qatari banks that oversee the process.

The source added that Qatari royals are also purchasing property in a number of European countries, in preparation for their departure in the near future. Not only that, but top Qatari officials have already sent all their children and wives abroad. Half of them traveled to Paris, and the other half were sent to a villas compound in Tel Aviv. This is where Qatari executives’ and top officials’ families have resided. They were sent there promptly for fear of a popular revolution. The source continued, stating that Tamim is currently in total control when it comes to coordination with Turkish and Iranian leaders.

The biggest surprise exclusive to Egypt today is that for the first time, a few days ago in the middle of the night, Qatari leaders have transported a huge amount of money, gold bars and diamonds on a royal family private jet. Part of this money was transported by diplomats to Turkey, and the rest sent to Israel. Money transfers are done surprisingly promptly through Qatari government personnel, who transfer them to different countries. Qatari people’s money is being smuggled aboard private jets. The source indicated that companies working in the field of money transfers supervise the process of smuggling Qatari royals’ money abroad during the past few days. He stated that money was promptly smuggled, leading to a crisis in Qatari banks, which was only solved last week.

The source revealed further details: Turkey and Iran are expanding their power in Qatar, through launching huge factories there. He said five new Turkish factories were opened last week, in addition to expansions of Turkish factories producing foodstuffs and different industries. He indicated that Syrian and Turkish personnel run these large factories, and new factories will open soon. Turkey is trying to raise its investments in Qatar with more projects. It is starting an industrial partnership with Iran, which seeks to start Turkish-Iranian projects there, the goal of which is to reinforce both countries’ strategic role in the Gulf.

Ayman Haggag, a Gulf analyst, told Egypt Today that the Qatari regime already smuggled huge amounts of money abroad, not only to Israel, but also to Britain and a number of other countries. He said that they are seeking to secure themselves financially in case they are overthrown, in which case they would escape while benefitting as much as possible of Qatari people’s money. He indicated that Tamim is losing his legitimacy, and his being in power in Qatar is only a matter of time.



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