Qatari opposition to hold 2 more conferences



Fri, 15 Sep 2017 - 07:30 GMT


Fri, 15 Sep 2017 - 07:30 GMT

 Flag of Qatar, Via Flacker Photo Creative

Flag of Qatar, Via Flacker Photo Creative

CAIRO – 15 September 2017: Ali al Dahnim, former Qatari intelligence officer and one of the participants in the Qatar Global Security and Stability opposition conference, affirmed that two other conferences are going to be held soon regarding Doha’s regime.

He added in statements to the “Facts and Secrets” television show aired on “Sada el Balad” channel on Thursday that the conference held Thursday shed the light on the Qatari-Arab crisis, along with Doha’s political mistakes and the improper language its using with its neighboring countries and governments.

The conference organized by Qatari businessman and reformist Khalid Al-Hail discussed five main topics during the sessions.

• Qatar: political Islam and supporting terrorism

• The relation between Qatar and Iran: the main source of regional destabilization

• The missing role: Qatar’s aspirations for global influence over democracy and human rights

• Al-Jazeera: a free media voice, or a terrorism tool?

• The empty circle: economy, geopolitics and international energy security

During the conference, Al-Hail said the Qatari regime attempted to inhibit the conference, which emphasized the necessity for the regime to discard its support for terror, through bribes and media campaigns. “That will not be an easy mission. The ruling regime in Qatar deprived many citizens of their citizenship and detained others,” Al-Hail said, describing the conference as a “turning point in the future of Qatar.”



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