Qatar global security, stability conference to launch in London



Wed, 13 Sep 2017 - 10:11 GMT


Wed, 13 Sep 2017 - 10:11 GMT

photo courtesy of qataraffairs website

photo courtesy of qataraffairs website

CAIRO – 13 September 2017: A Qatar global security and stability conference organized by the Qatari opposition is expected to launch Thursday in London with the presence of several politicians, academics and a number of Qatari citizens.

The conference headed by Qatari opposition businessman Khalid Al-Hail is supposed to discuss several topics regarding Qatar including the democratic conditions, human rights and confronting terrorism.

According to the conferences press releases, about five main topics will be discussed during the sessions;

• Qatar: political Islam and supporting terrorism

• The relation between Qatar and Iran: the main source of regional destabilization

• The missing role: Qatar’s aspirations for global influence over democracy and human rights

• Al-Jazeera: a free media voice, or a terrorism tool?

• The empty circle: economy, geopolitics and international energy security

“This conference aims to highlight some of facts about Qatar and to make room for expressing some of the different opinions within the policy of repression implemented by the Qatari regime,” Al-Hail said.

The conference is expected to issue several academic researches regarding the current situation in Qatar on all the aforementioned topics. An online copy of it will be available through the conference’s official website:




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