Ali Bin Tamim, Chairman of ABu Dhabi Media Company (Courtesy of Ali Bin Tamim Twitter account) Ali Bin Tamim, Chairman of ABu Dhabi Media Company (Courtesy of Ali Bin Tamim Twitter account)

Terrorism curse chasing Qatari FM: Abu Dhabi Media Company

Sat, Sep. 2, 2017
CAIRO - 2 September 2017: Ali Bin Tamim, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Media Company, stressed in his Twitter account on Saturday that terrorism is a “curse still chasing the Qatari foreign affairs minister.”

Bin Tamim noted that during the Qatari foreign minister’s meeting with his Belgian counterpart he was still under the spell of the Islamic organizations which he wanted to finance and ¬¬¬¬¬¬the radical Islamists his country is hosting,

Bin Tamim said instead of the two Hamad rulers trying to arrange to help Belgian Islamic associations, Qatar should stop hosting extremist militants.

Bin Tamim said in his tweets, there is no convincing exception to these radical associations as there is not a single association, or a model among them that was not associated with terrorism, whether in terms of financing or incitement. The only difference is that some only operate in secret.

Bin Tamim pointed out that the foreign minister of Qatar still talks about advertising against his country, forgetting that Qatar’s two Hamad rulers had paid for 20 years-worth of ads for incitement.

He further noted that religion is not about establishing radical organizations or beards.

On 23 June , 2017, the four Arab states requested 13 demands from Qatar, which were presented by Kuwait, the mediator in the crisis. The demands included that Qatar shut down Al-Jazeera TV network, cut diplomatic ties with Iran, stop financing and supporting terror groups, including the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, and end Turkey's military presence in Doha.
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