Egypt prepares new terrorist list including Brotherhood members



Fri, 18 Aug 2017 - 08:09 GMT


Fri, 18 Aug 2017 - 08:09 GMT

Attorney General Nabil Sadek

Attorney General Nabil Sadek

CAIRO – 18 August 2017: Egypt prepares a new outlawed Muslim Brotherhood linked terrorist list to be added to the January list, which has 1,538 members including, former President Mohamed Morsi and his sons; former group Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie; football star Mohamed Abu Treika and Safwan Thabet, a businessman, investigative authorities said on Thursday.

Many Brotherhood leaders who were proven guilty and were not on the previous one will be placed on the terrorist list. It will be subsequently sent to Cairo Criminal Court with necessary documents and information according to Article 3 of terrorist entities law No.8 of 2015 and its latest amendments, well-informed sources told Egypt Today.

The list will include people accused of inciting violence, alliance to the Brotherhood, supplying weapons and financing terrorist attacks.

Also, investigation units reported more than 600 people affiliated to the Brotherhood and other allied groups, the sources added.

There are ongoing expanded investigations to prove allegations from the committee tasked with locating and seizing Brotherhood affiliated members.

Security authorities were responsible for carrying out necessary investigations to prove the allegations of funding the Brotherhood with weapons. They have enlisted some people to be sent to Cairo Court of Appeal to schedule a session for the enlisting demand.

In January, the Cairo Criminal Court had added 1,538 people to the terrorists list for alleged alliance or assistance to the Brotherhood, including former President Mohamed Morsi and his sons; Safwan Thabet, a businessman; football star Mohamed Abu Treika and Mostafa Sakr, a newspaper publisher.

The Brotherhood was labeled as a terrorist group by the Egyptian government in 2013. Ever since the ouster of the Brotherhood affiliated President Mohamed Morsi, terrorist attacks have not stopped against security forces in Sinai Peninsula, in addition to security forces in Greater Cairo, and against the Copts across the nation, in revenge for their support of the popular movement that toppled Morsi in 2013.



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