Train crash in Alexandria on August 11, 2017- AFP Train crash in Alexandria on August 11, 2017- AFP

Alexandria train crash drivers’ imprisonment sentence renewed

Wed, Aug. 16, 2017
CAIRO - 16 August 2017: The detention of the two trains’ drivers involved in the crash incident in Alexandria was renewed by the prosecution and 4 more collectors in the Egyptian National Railway were included in the case.

Counselor Mostafa Helmy, head of the Eastern Prosecution in Alexandria also issued immediate orders for the unloading of the ‘TEC’ report, the black box on the train, to find out the real causes behind the incident and to see who is to be held accountable for the crash.

The prosecution also ordered the renewal of the detention of the two drivers of the trains and two of their assistants, for 15 days in custody.

The Express 13 train was headed from Cairo to Alexandria on Friday at 2:15 p.m., when it collided with the 571 train, coming from Port Said to Alexandria, near Khorshid station.

The accident caused more than 40 fatalities and 170 injuries, according to the Ministry of Health and Population.

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