Release of detained Egyptian workers in Sudan


Tue, 15 Aug 2017 - 08:51 GMT

Osama Shaltoot; Ambassador of Egypt to Sudan Republic - File photo

Osama Shaltoot; Ambassador of Egypt to Sudan Republic - File photo

CAIRO -15 August 2017: Six Egyptian workers released after being arrested for six months, signaling détente in Egyptian-Sudanese bilateral relations.

Exerted efforts by the Egyptian Embassy in Sudan and the Labor Representation Office in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, resulted in the release of the detained six Egyptian workers; Shaaban Joudeh Abdullah, Ayman Ahmad Rashwan, Salah El Refaie Mohamed El Suwaifi, Mohamed Abdel Sadeq Omar, Omar Mohamed Mohamed Ali, and Yasser Hashem.

Osama Shaltoot, Egyptian Ambassador to the Sudanese Republic received a torrent of phone calls from family members of the released workers. They thanked him for his ceaseless endeavors to resolve the issue and for keeping them updated on developments.

Earlier, complaints were received from Egyptian citizens who have business in household appliances in Sudan and sell in installments since the year 2000. They say they were recently subjected to harassments from the Sudanese Security Services.

Bullying included confiscating their goods, suspending their bank accounts, and a daily inspecting process of the unemployed workers ending up in the arrest of many Egyptians. They also force businessmen to report to the Sudanese security and intelligence services on daily basis.



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