Al-Fateh Mosque clashes: 4 years back to Brotherhood violence



Tue, 15 Aug 2017 - 10:05 GMT


Tue, 15 Aug 2017 - 10:05 GMT

Fateh Mosque following Brotherhood clashes with police forces in August 2013 - Reuters

Fateh Mosque following Brotherhood clashes with police forces in August 2013 - Reuters

CAIRO - 15 August 2017: Four years has passed since the Fateh Mosque clashes occurred, two days following the dispersal of the Rabaa protests, to express support for ousted former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

On August 16, 2013, directly after Friday prayers, dozens of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) supporters poured onto the streets in marches that started from Nour Mosque in Ramsis district to Ramsis Square, chanting against the disposal of Morsi’s rule.

Brotherhood protesters staying inside Fateh Mosque - Reuters

The protests, which continued throughout the day as clashes erupted between protesters and security forces, resulted in the death of 50 people, including security personnel, and injured hundreds, according to Ministry of Health reports.

In the aftermath of the event, a large number of the protesters fled to Fateh Mosque, where they remained overnight until the following day, due to fears of being attacked.
However, security forces announced via loudspeakers that they could offer the protesters safe passage, but the protesters insisted on remaining inside the mosque.

During the security forces’ attempts to evacuate the mosque, fire exchange suddenly started between both sides, in which some were killed and other arrested.

The prosecution investigated the events, dubbed “Fateh clashes”, and referred the case to criminal court upon the request of former General Prosecutor Hesham Barakat, with the first trials starting in 2014.

Aftermath of Brotherhood violence following clashes with police forces in August 2013 - File photo

The investigation said that the MB group had called for assembling in front of the mosque on August 16, arranged unlicensed marches in Al-Galaa and Ramses streets, Ramses Square, and in front of the Azbekiya police station. It further added that a number of the protesters topped the building of the Arab Contractors and the October Bridge, set fire against properties of citizens and their vehicles, assaulted police forces, possessed weapons, blocked roads, and hindered transportation.

In 2014, the Fateh Mosque case started in court, which included 490 defendants. A recent court session was held on August 8 and was adjourned to August 10, in order to continue hearing the pleading of the defense team. The case is awaiting a final verdict. Throughout the period of the case in court, three heads of the judicial panel have stepped down for different reasons.



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