Security on high alert prior Rabaa dispersal 4th anniversary



Sun, 13 Aug 2017 - 10:36 GMT


Sun, 13 Aug 2017 - 10:36 GMT

Military forces after the dispersal of Rabaa sit-in in August 2013- Reuters

Military forces after the dispersal of Rabaa sit-in in August 2013- Reuters

CAIRO – 13 August 2017: Security services finished preparations to secure the country ahead of the 4th anniversary of the Rabaa dispersal. The security plan was constructed as a way of avoiding attempts of breaking the law, and any attempts of undermining the nation and its capabilities, security officials told Egypt Today.

The security plan focused on securing the perimeters of state institutions and dynamic sites, as well as securing police posts, especially prisons, police departments and security directorates, which were strongly reinforced to counter any attempts to target them.

With the aid of the Civil Protection Sector and the use of police dogs, many areas were surveyed especially the perimeters of state institutions. Also, a number of security ambushes were put in place in greater Cairo, and border ambushes between governorates were established to regulate security performance.

Security services dispatched several security patrols in order to target political crimes and criminal activity, though security campaigns and rummaging apartments in governorates of Egypt that, allegedly, terrorists use to build explosives and manage terrorist activity. Extremists in the camps in desert areas were also targeted based on security information.

Wielders of weapons and firearms were also targeted.

Security presence in Sinai was reinforced by supporting security ambushes with extra forces and supplying them with weapons and equipment in order to counter any criminal attempts against them and shoot pre-emptive strikes against targets.

Heavy security presence around the vicinity of Martyr Hisham Barakat square (Rabaa al Adawiyya square, previously), as well as around Kerdasa and its police department.

Vacations for officers were cancelled, and they were placed on a high level of alert in preparation.

Assistants of the Minister of Interior and security managers inspected the security services on the streets, reviewed the insurance plans to ensure the successful deployment of the police.

Security surveillance cameras were activated.

Police were provided with vans to be utilized for security patrols and crime observation. The vans are equipped with a detention room that fit 6 suspects, as well as advanced modes of communication and CCTV and ANPR cameras to monitor streets and read car license plates.



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