Free juice: Youth launch campaign to overcome heat



Wed, 02 Aug 2017 - 08:39 GMT


Wed, 02 Aug 2017 - 08:39 GMT

a campaign to overcome high heat taken by Mohamed Asal

a campaign to overcome high heat taken by Mohamed Asal

CAIRO – 2 Aug 2017: A group of Egyptian youth took the initiative to quench the thirst of passersbys during the scorching heat of the summer months, providing juice free of charge.


Every time they stop by a different district in Cairo, people suffering from heat exhaustion amid the record-high temperatures gather and ask for a free cup of mango, apple or orange juice.


At Cairo’s Ramses metro station, Egypt Today spoke with Mohamed Essam, the head of the volunteer group, who talked about their campaign, titled "Free juice for Egyptians, innovate for good."


"We are a gro up of Egyptian youth who do not belong to any party or political institution. We regularly organize a field tour in different places to provide juice free of charge at rush hours to quench the thirst of the people for nothing in return or for personal interest," said Essam.


The group includes up to 20 volunteers, who said they find happiness when they “help people overcome their thirst.”

Standing near the metro and train station, drivers, employees and commuters stop by in front of a tricycle loaded with barrels full of iced juice. After enjoying their juice, consumers return plastic cups to the group to be safely discharged in certain barrels.
“We are a group of young people who love philanthropy and volunteering, and we hope that the culture of good work will spread throughout Egypt. This tour is not the first and will not be the last, as I plan to reach more areas over the coming days,” Essam added.
Egypt has witnessed scorching heat waves since the beginning of the summer season, with the temperature hitting highs of 45°C.




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