Civil society organizations discuss how to confront corruption


Tue, 01 Aug 2017 - 10:03 GMT

ghada wali - File Photo

ghada wali - File Photo

CAIRO – 1 August 2017: The Conference on the Role of Civil Society in Confronting Corruption, was held on Monday to raise people’s awareness about corruption and how to combat it.

The conference was organized by Ministry of Social Solidarity and Anti-Corruption National Committee and sponsored by Prime Minister Sherif Ismail. It was held at the Higher Institute for Cooperative and Administrative Studies in Cairo.

The conference was held within the framework of the national strategy for confronting corruption 2014-2018, for the application of the principles of transparency, integrity and rule of law cited in the Egyptian constitution, for improving citizens’ living conditions, and developing the performance of the state administrative body, Shorouk News reported.

“Civil society has to participate in the development process of the country especially under the current tight economic situation, and in the absence of political parties and movements that express the ambitions of Egyptians,” said the head of the Egyptian Committee for Cooperative studies Hassan Rateb.

Rateb added that civil society associations are a real important strength that represents 49k organization, so we should make good use of them in the development process.



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