Hundreds of thousands of Thanaweya Amma students prepare for summative exams



Fri, 21 Jun 2024 - 05:15 GMT


Fri, 21 Jun 2024 - 05:15 GMT

CAIRO - June 21, 2024: A total of 745,086 students are gearing up to begin the 2024 final exams for subjects that contribute to their overall grades in Thanaweya Amma, Egypt's national high school, on Saturday.

As in previous years, the students will commence with the Arabic subject exam after they had already completed subjects that do not count towards their final grades, such as religious studies.

Prior to the exams, Minister of Education Reda Hegazy has instructed that exam halls be opened at 8:15 AM and that students be promptly provided with their exam papers at 9 AM to avoid any delays.

Furthermore, Hegazy has called for strict measures to combat cheating, whether through conventional or electronic means, while ensuring a comfortable and calm environment in the exam halls.

The minister has also closely monitored actions related to groups involved in electronic exam cheating and has handed them over to the relevant authorities.

Stringent inspection procedures will be implemented prior to students entering the exam halls, with the minister emphasizing that electronic devices are strictly prohibited during exams.

Thanaweya Amma exams can be stressful for students and parents alike, given the competition for faculties that require high grades in the science and literature branches.

Throughout the year, students, supported by their parents, work diligently to achieve the highest possible grades, even during holidays and festive occasions.

They often sacrifice sleep, staying up late at night to revise page after page, all in pursuit of their dreams of being admitted to their desired colleges.

This year, the Thanaweya Amma exams began on June 10 and will continue until July 17 for science and literature branch students, and July 20 for mathematics students.

Egypt Today presents the complete schedule for exams that contribute to the students' final scores:

All three branches of Thanaweya Amma will have their Arabic and second foreign language exams on Saturday, June 22, and Tuesday, June 25, respectively.

On Saturday, June 29, science and mathematics branch students will take the physics exams, while literature students will take the history exam.

On Tuesday, July 2, students from all three branches will sit for the first foreign language exam, typically English but also French in some schools.

On Saturday, July 6, science and mathematics students will take the chemistry exam, while literature students will take the geography exam.

On Wednesday, July 10, science students will have the geology exam, while mathematics students will take the algebra and analytical geometry exam.

On Wednesday, July 17, science and literature students will have their final exams.

Science branches will take the biology exam on that day, while literature students will take the philosophy exam. Meanwhile, mathematics students will sit for the statics exam.

Mathematics exams will conclude on July 20 with the dynamics exam.



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