Egypt jumps 100 places in global road quality index ranking, reaching 18th globally



Sat, 08 Jun 2024 - 10:28 GMT


Sat, 08 Jun 2024 - 10:28 GMT

Egypt’s road quality ranking improved from 118th to 28th thanks to national projects: Syndicate head

Egypt’s road quality ranking improved from 118th to 28th thanks to national projects: Syndicate head

CAIRO - 8 June 2024: Over the past decade, Egypt has made significant strides in developing a comprehensive and interconnected national road network spanning its various governorates.


The country has accelerated its efforts to enhance infrastructure, upgrade roads, and elevate them to meet global standards. This commitment stems from the recognition that a robust road network is a cornerstone for achieving the goals of economic and social development plans.


Efficient roads facilitate movement and transportation, contributing to smoother economic activity, attracting more investments, and improving the quality of life for Egyptian citizens. Furthermore, it promotes traffic flow, enhances road safety, and reduces accident rates. These factors have collectively contributed to Egypt's remarkable progress in the global Road Quality Index ranking.


Egypt's Road Quality Index Ranking Soars: Egypt has ascended an impressive 100 places in the global Road Quality Index, currently holding the 18th position. This remarkable achievement is attributed to the National Road Project.


National Road Project: A Catalyst for Progress: The National Road Project aims to construct a total of 7,000 kilometers of roads. To date, 6,300 kilometers have been completed at a cost of 155 billion Egyptian pounds. Upon completion, the total length of main roads will increase by 29.8% to reach 30,500 kilometers by the end of 2024, compared to 23,500 kilometers in 2014. Additionally, 8,400 kilometers of main roads have been upgraded and their efficiency enhanced at a cost of 110 billion Egyptian pounds, out of a total target of 10,000 kilometers.


Life-Saving Impacts: The implementation of road construction and development projects has led to a 28.6% decrease in road accident fatalities. In 2023, there were 5,861 fatalities compared to 8,211 in 2016. Similarly, the number of injuries has declined by 17.9%, reaching 71,000 in 2023 compared to 86,500 in 2016.


These reductions are noteworthy considering the population and vehicle growth during this period. It is important to note that the year 2016 was chosen based on the availability of data following a methodological change.


Global Recognition: Egypt's road infrastructure advancements have not gone unnoticed. The country's Road Quality Index score has steadily improved, reaching 5.53 points in 2024, securing 18th place.


In 2021, the score was 5.46 points, placing Egypt in 18th position, while in 2019, the score was 4.52 points, ranking the country 41st. In 2017, the score stood at 3 points, placing Egypt in 105th place, and in 2015, the score was 2.9 points, ranking the country 118th.


Top 50 Countries in Global Road Quality Index 2024:The list includes Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, UAE, South Korea, Portugal, Luxembourg, Qatar, France, Austria, China, Denmark, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Namibia, Spain, Egypt, Bahrain, USA, Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Finland, Canada, Chile, Azerbaijan, Benin, Israel, Georgia, Jordan, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Rwanda, Mauritius, Estonia, Uruguay, Lithuania, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, Poland, Albania, Morocco, Cyprus, and Greece.


This national project not only preserves and restores Egypt's rich historical and cultural sites but also aims to improve its tourism infrastructure, making the country a more attractive destination for tourists. The efforts are expected to significantly boost tourism, bringing economic benefits to the local community while preserving the nation's unique heritage.




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