Esna historical city development project restored to boost tourism



Sat, 08 Jun 2024 - 09:08 GMT


Sat, 08 Jun 2024 - 09:08 GMT

CAIRO - 8 June 2024: Esna, a city steeped in history and cultural richness, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, thanks to a comprehensive sustainable and integrated tourism development project.


This ambitious initiative aims to unlock the city's immense heritage potential and revitalize its position as a must-visit destination.


1. Preserving Esna's Heritage Treasures:

At the heart of the project lies the meticulous preservation of Esna's iconic landmarks, including the Khnum Temple Complex, a testament to ancient Egyptian architectural brilliance.


2. Restoring the Splendor of Historic Buildings:

The project meticulously restored the Royal Rest House at the Matbaa Steamboats, a bygone gem that once hosted dignitaries and travelers.


3. Reviving the Essence of Esna's Oil Press:

The historic oil press in Esna has been revitalized, showcasing traditional Egyptian craftsmanship and ingenuity.


4. Breathing New Life into Southern Luxor's Weaving Workshops:

The project breathed new life into the historic weaving workshops in southern Luxor, preserving the region's rich textile heritage.


5. Reclaiming the Grandeur of the Qaysariya Souq:

The Qaysariya Souq, a once-thriving marketplace, has been meticulously restored, regaining its status as a vibrant hub of commerce and cultural exchange.


6. Reintroducing the Royal Rest House at the Matbaa Steamboats:

The Royal Rest House at the Matbaa Steamboats, a restored gem, now stands as a testament to Esna's rich history and maritime heritage.


7. Revitalizing Esna's Historic Bazaars:

A comprehensive overhaul has transformed the historic bazaars of Esna, creating a vibrant tapestry of traditional handicrafts and local produce.


8. Enhancing the Charm of Esna's Heritage Houses:

The project meticulously restored and enhanced the heritage houses surrounding Esna, preserving the city's unique architectural character.


9. Unveiling the Transformed Al-Geddawy Agency:

The Al-Geddawy Agency, an Ottoman-era caravanserai, has undergone a remarkable transformation, showcasing its architectural splendor.


10. Embarking on the Restoration of Historic Cafés:

The project has embarked on the restoration of historic cafés in southern Luxor, reviving the city's vibrant social and cultural spaces.


Esna's transformation is a testament to Egypt's unwavering commitment to preserving its rich cultural heritage and promoting sustainable tourism development. The project serves as an inspiration for future endeavors, ensuring that Esna's legacy continues to captivate visitors for generations to come.



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