Prepare for rising temperatures, dusty winds in Cairo and major areas next week



Fri, 19 Apr 2024 - 03:52 GMT


Fri, 19 Apr 2024 - 03:52 GMT

Cairo and Nile River - Wikimedia Commons/Rjruiziii

Cairo and Nile River - Wikimedia Commons/Rjruiziii

CAIRO - April 19, 2024: Starting from Tuesday, it's time to grab your cap and opt for a cotton t-shirt as temperatures are set to increase across Egypt, including the capital city of Cairo.

According to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA), Cairo and the Nile Delta will experience a continued rise in temperatures through the following week, with highs reaching 37 degrees Celsius and lows of 21 degrees.

However, if you have plans for a holiday in the northern coast, including Alexandria and Matrouh, there's no need to cancel as the weather will not be excessively hot.

Highs in the northern coast will reach 33 degrees on Tuesday, with lows of 18 degrees.

In South Sinai, which is home to the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, temperatures will rise to 35 degrees for the highs and 22 degrees for the lows by Wednesday.

As for Upper Egypt, it will remain the country's hottest region, with highs ranging from 38 to 40 degrees and lows between 21 and 23 degrees. The further south you go, the hotter it becomes.

Additionally, be mindful of the possibility of dusty winds affecting the northern coast, Greater Cairo, Nile Delta, and Western Desert.

If you have chest allergies, it is advisable to stay safe by wearing a facemask when outdoors and blocking windows and doors with cloth to prevent dust from entering.

Staying hydrated by consuming plenty of fluids throughout the day is also recommended especially during this period.



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