Egypt to experience declining temperatures by the weekend, ending recent warm spell



Wed, 20 Mar 2024 - 03:59 GMT


Wed, 20 Mar 2024 - 03:59 GMT

FILE - A view of Alexandria's coastal line - Flickr/Filip Maljković

FILE - A view of Alexandria's coastal line - Flickr/Filip Maljković

CAIRO – 20 March 2024: Egypt is gearing up for a decline in temperatures as the weekend approaches, marking the conclusion of a brief period of mild heat that has persisted over the past few days and will continue through Thursday.

But don't put away your umbrellas just yet as the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) predicts a chance of light to moderate rain on Thursday and Sunday in parts of the northern coast, including Alexandria and Matrouh, as well as the Nile Delta.

Keep an eye out for possible showers and even a rumble of thunder in Greater Cairo and the cities along the Suez Canal on Thursday.

Before we reach the weekend, brace yourself for some heat in Greater Cairo, the Nile Delta, South Sinai (where the stunning Sharm El Sheikh city resides), and northern Upper Egypt during the daytime on Thursday.

However, northern Upper Egypt will experience cooler weather, while the southern regions will still be hot.

Don't forget, nights and early mornings can get pretty cold all across the country.

As for temperatures, expect a drop from 26 degrees Celsius in Cairo on Thursday to a milder 22 degrees by the weekend for the highs. The lows will remain fairly consistent at around 13-14 degrees.

South Sinai will welcome some relief from the heat, with highs reaching 26 degrees instead of 29 tomorrow, while the lows stay steady at 16-17 degrees.

If you're seeking pleasant weather, the northern coast will be your go-to spot with highs around 20 degrees and lows at 13 degrees throughout the week.

Northern Upper Egypt will also experience a break from the high temperatures, going from 29 degrees on Thursday to a more comfortable 24 degrees by the weekend.

Meanwhile, southern Upper Egypt will stay hot at 30-32 degrees all week long.

Keep in mind that temperatures are expected to rise again starting Monday, so stay tuned for updates.



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