Palestinian politician Mohamed Dahlan calls for immediate, permanent ceasefire in Gaza



Thu, 29 Feb 2024 - 09:05 GMT


Thu, 29 Feb 2024 - 09:05 GMT

CAIRO – 29 February 2024: Palestinian politician, and leader of Fatah movement Mohamed Dahlan called on Thursday for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza Stripe along with the withdrawal of Israeli forces, and the formation of an international investigation committee.

Dahlan wondered: “How long will this world continue its silence in the face of the massacres that are happening in Gaza?”

He added in televised statements, that anything other than ‘pressure for a ceasefire’ would be considered a ‘license renewal to the Israeli killing in the Strip’

Dahlan said that the Arab League should not stand still in the face of the ‘heinous Israeli massacres.’

“For how long will Western politicians and especially Washington continue their false maneuvers to provide the occupation forces with killing tools?” Dahlan asked.

In previous statements commenting on October 7, Dahlan said that: “All the impressions that Israel had made over the years collapsed within 20 minutes on October 7, and the entire military institution that the United States of America was proud of was powerless for 6 hours to regain control of the situation, and if Israel wanted to learn a lesson, it had to move toward peace, not revenge.”

He noted that: “What happened on October 7 puts Israel at a crossroads. Either this event will create hope between the two peoples or it will be the gateway to a new hell and a spiral of violence and mutual revenge between Palestine and Israel”

“We hope that this will be a lesson for the Israeli people and the Israeli government, as the occupation cannot bring security to the Palestinian people.” Dahlan explained.

He explained that the 7th of October events were a result not a goal. “On the path to revenge you must dig two graves, one for your enemy and one for yourself, and what happened in October is a result and not a general goal.”

He added that “everyone must be held accountable for October, however, now is not the time for accountability.”

He also thanked Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al Sisi “for his firm rejection of the mass migration of the people of Gaza”.



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